February Student Writing Gallery!

February 26, 2014 | 826 Blog Post

This year, we’ll be posting 8 new, exciting pieces of student writing on the 26th of the month (Get it?). Each month will be curated by our staff. Our aim is to give you an entertaining and fair sampling from our many programs.

Welcome to our February Student Writing Gallery! It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter, friends, and to that end, we’re putting a special focus this month on collaborative writing. We encourage you to bundle up, cuddle close, and write together. It’ll get you through to spring, we promise!


* In-school Workshop Roadshow *

David Davis, Anayjah Rivera-Dotson, Miana Leath, Aidin, Jayden Orlando
Ms. Barrett’s fourth-grade class at Erickson Elementary, Ypsilanti; Nonsense Poetry

“A Bizarre Bacon Day”

There used to be a kid name Porridge
Who sat down on a torridge
He got up and ran into a tree
And started to follow me
We went to the store
And bought high heels and a door
We met a Bacon-Bot girl
Her name was Pearl
We saw my friend Link
And he said, “What’s that stink?”
I told him it was a girl made of bacon
And the robot girl started shakin’!

Jaeda Smith
Age 6, Ms. Huizenga’s first-grade class at Perry Elementary, Ypsilanti; Robot School 101 

“Love Bot”

My robot is Love Bot. He loves me as a sister and he calls me Sissy. He is small and he is really colorful. Love Bot is kind and he is nice. A while ago his house caught on fire because he was cooking food. Love Bot turned on the hose and he put out the fire and saved his cat. He did it fast because he has super speed power and eight arms. He got scratches on him and a broken arm. But Robot and his cat are fine. They go to the beach. They get ice cream.


* Field Trips *

From Mr. Bell’s fourth-grade class at Mitchell Elementary, Ann Arbor


There was a young ’saur who like to eat
He ate a great large ton of meat
He wanted a drink
He stopped to think
And realized he’d eaten his feet.

“Our Panda”

Our Panda is the tallest
He’s as tall as a tree
Our Panda is STRONG
He lifts wheat and says WOO!
After that, he goes to the movies
And hangs out with other pandas
He says, “RUFF RUFF”
Because he’s TUFF TUFF
That’s why we think he’s

Ms. McGee’s 3/4 class at Haisley Elementary, Ann Arbor

“A Robot Named Joe”

There was a robot named Joe
who longed for a little toe
He wanted to dance
in his shiny yellow pants
To defeat his evil robot foe
(in a dance-off)


Soft and fluffy saviors in the
glistening snow
save me from frostbite and cold
SPLAT! I can throw snowballs at my friends
But I can’t use my phone!
Keep me as warm as a baby bear’s breath.

“Ode to the King of Storms”

Thundering like an engine,
Poseidan, there is no power greater than your storms
Lightning strikes against the Earth
Storms take the dirtiness out of showers
Storms take the dirtiness out of people
People confined to a smaller space must learn patience.
I like playing outside when you finish.


* Drop-in Writing *

“If You Want To Be A Good Pianist”

If you want to be a good pianist
you have to practice a lot and concentrate.

Get just-right music so you can learn fast.

You don’t need to feel bad
because your friends say you’re terrible.

Try to memorize the feel of the keyboard
so you don’t need to look down.

When you play the piano,
you express yourself.

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