February's Supporter of the Month is… Enlighten!

February 12, 2013 | 826 Blog Post

Friends, if the act of writing this article breaks the Internet, please accept our sincere apologies.

You see, we’re writing ABOUT our website (and the people who help us with it) ON our website, and that just has to be against some law of physics, right?

But we simply had to risk it because our Supporter of the Month, Enlighten, is just too awesome not to!

Very soon, the website on which you are currently reading this will vanish into the ether, to be replaced by a shiny new site!
Spoiler alert: The new site includes such things as a background of slowly rotating gears. (And a whole host of other, more important, much-needed, long-longed-for features — but ALSO the slowly rotating gears!)

We are geeked, to say the least, about this new development. We’re grateful to Enlighten, an independent digital marketing agency based right here in Ann Arbor, for building the new website with us. The team at Enlighten, by the way, is seriously all-star. Including Adam Kempa [VotM Sep ’10] (who has almost singlehandedly kept our current site going while working on the new), Ami Walsh [VotM July ’11], Krysta Stone [VotM May ’10], engineer John Green, and the design team of Andrew Hainen, Mike Gatto, Jenny Shaddach, and Jordon Patchak. Our deepest thanks to Steve Glauberman, Enlighten’s founder and CEO (and, we hear, a gifted writer himself!), for supporting 826michigan.

As you may have heard, the next months will be big ones for 826michigan, largely because of our new programs in Detroit. This means our website will be (hopefully!) experienced for the first time by many new friends. It also means that we’re incredibly glad that this new website will be shiny, beautiful, up-to-date, and functional, and we thank our old friends at Enlighten for their hard work making it happen.

Watch this space for more about the new website! (And get ready for the gears.)

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