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Contributions make an important difference for 826michigan and our students.


I’m so glad you’re reading this. While it’s not quite the same as sitting across from one another in authentic conversation—my favorite way to talk about 826michigan—–it is so important to take a moment together now and then.

412 active volunteers gave 17649 hours to 826michigan students last year.Our students and tutors do this every day. Whether in thoughtful dialogue about a tricky homework assignment or lively debate about a fictional character’s attributes or the rigorous back-and-forth of the editing and revising process, I see countless small but significant conversations unfold in every 826michigan program.

Finding the correct answers on a worksheet or knocking out a quick essay in advance of a deadline is the easy part. An 826michigan tutor will first pause, smile at the student, and say, “I’m so glad you’re here today.”

When you and I put ourselves in the shoes of young person—say a socially and academically struggling thirteen-year-old or a fourth-grade student who’s still mastering English—we long for that pause, that connection, that support. It’s integral to everything that 826michigan does. An 826michigan student is honored, their voice is heard, and their confidence is increased with each supportive conversation.

These conversations can make a lifelong difference. 826michigan’s donors, our volunteers, our staff, and other friends come together—each giving in their own way—–to magnificent results: nearly 4,000 students served, 90 teachers, 78 different schools, 107 publications, tens of thousands of hours of volunteers’ time, and just about one million beautiful, human conversations.

826michigan reached 3,714 students in 90 classrooms, across 78 schools.

We must continue this good work and continue to offer it at no charge to our students, families, and teachers, and we’re relying on your support. Will you make a meaningful contribution this year to fund the many conversations and successes our students will see in 2017?

Your donation will support the nuts and bolts we need: healthy snacks after school, photocopier maintenance, book printing, but it will also go further.

Your donation will empower and equip thousands of school-aged students in Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Ypsilanti to write their own path forward.

Thank you for joining our volunteers and numerous others in your belief in 826michigan students and their futures.

826michigan Executive Director Amanda UhleIn gratitude,

Amanda Uhle, Executive Director


Whether you’d like to contribute one lump sum, distribute your gift into monthly installments, or give annually on your birthday, we’ll take care of the legwork. And whether it’s $10 or $10,000, every cent will be deeply appreciated and used judiciously. 826michigan’s Federal Tax ID is 20-1963960.

Here are your options:

Give online:

Mail a check or money order to: Amanda Uhle, Executive Director 826michigan 115 E. Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

Drop off your gift at Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair or the Detroit Robot Factory between 10am and 6pm weekdays or Saturdays between 12 and 4pm.

If you have any questions about your donation, please email Amanda Uhle at Donations are typically acknowledged within about two weeks and are not anonymous unless the donor specifies.

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