ThursdayMarch 2007

Whenever we come to the close of a workshop schedule (or sometimes even way before that), I am asked, again and again: “When will you be posting the new schedule?” Last night, accidently, when the Fall girls’ mom, Elizabeth, asked me that very question, I blurted out: “Monday, April 9 at noon.” It came out all at once. It was as though I had been possessed. I covered by saying, “I think. I just decided that about five seconds ago, so don’t hold me to it.”

Well, hold me to it. The spring workshop schedule will be posted Monday, April 9 at noon exactly. This stellar schedule includes: fairy doors, writing radio plays, improv comedy writing, comics, summer poetry, and a workshop about drifting! And we’ll be mobile, with workshops at the library, University of Michigan Museum of Art, the Neutral Zone, and the Faber Piano Institute.

Now I’ve given you plenty of fair warning. Clear your schedules, spring is upon us.

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