I May Be Able to Pull Some Strings

December 20, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Our workshops have never filled up so quickly! Usually it takes at least a day or two before the first one is full. This semester it took thirty minutes, no joke. (Trivia: The first one to fill up was Dignifying the Doodle.) Over two-hundred-and-fifty registration emails were sent today!

What I’m thinking at this point (Which is, really not much. Have you ever cut and pasted data for eight hours?) is that I’m going to see if I can coerce some of the workshop leaders into teaching another session, or maybe even sessions. (Like a workshop? Send chocolates and cash c/o 826 to the workshop leader.) Students on the waitlists will get priority, of course.

Thanks to all of you for being interested in our workshops! It is wonderful to know so many people are interested in what we’re doing. Thanks also to the incomparable Scott David Herman, who graciously fielded no fewer than thirty emails from me today, and still had a sense of humor at the end of it. (He has a wishlist on Amazon. Seriously, send him something.)

Apparently being really tired and really hungry makes me want to speak parenthetically. (Good night!)

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