If You Can Believe It . . .

April 26, 2010 | 826 Blog Post

There are any number of things I, at any given time, cannot believe. Often they are amazing, wondrous moments, and sometimes they are not. Really, quite a bit more often, though, they are of the amazing, wondrous variety. For example, one of our former students is about to graduate from college. Can you believe that? It is hard to believe that 826michigan will turn FIVE this June.

Even more hard to believe, for some reason, is that the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair turns TWO next month. Can YOU believe that there’s been a functioning robot shop in Ann Arbor for two whole years? It seems like just yesterday that we staged a robot dance-off to celebrate our opening. That dance-off was not yesterday, though; it was May 17, 2008.

What are we doing to celebrate? Good question. It’s been an entire blog post since we used bullet-points, can you believe that? Here goes! To celebrate our store opening, for the ENTIRE MONTH OF MAY:

  • We’ll be offering a choice between a free mini-cupcake OR two percent off your entire purchase!
  • We are going to have a drawing! For every $10 you spend, you can enter your name to win a PAIR of Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair t-shirts!
  • We will be giving away a FREE STUDENT PUBLICATION to: 1) twins (both must be present), 2) anyone who pays with a $2 bill for something else in the store, 3) any customer who brings in pictures of TWO robots (we get to keep them!), 4) creative types who bring us TWO cans of TUNA (two-na) repurposed as a robot (again, we get to keep them!), 5) more stuff as it occurs to us!
  • We’ll have a Brand New Window! That’s right, new window display going in this weekend, make sure to stop by!
  • We’ll be open EVERY SUNDAY in May from 12pm to 6pm!

We’re thinking of it as celebrating our Not-so-Terrible Twos. Please stop by and wish our bots a happy birthday! (Most robots do not even have birthdays. Isn’t that sad? Together, we can change that. Won’t you help us?)

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