In Case You Missed Out on Our Fall Fiction Writers Conference…

September 30, 2010 | 826 Blog Post

It is no secret that we get requests ALL THE TIME to offer workshops for adults. If it seemed like a secret, well, hopefully the fact that I put that bit in caps-lock (aka shouted it at you — italics do a nice job of it too, but that’s just it, italics are nice, and shouting, while not necessarily mean, is LOUDER than italics, see what I mean?) brought it home for you.

Our Fall Fiction Writers Conference was hugely successful, and, in fact, there is a meeting happening tomorrow (italics stress, do not shout) to plan out the next one. In the meantime!, however, allow us to educate and encourage all our over-eighteen friends out there with this guy (italics emphasize, do not yell):

Daniel Alarcon

Yup, that’s Daniel Alarcon, and YES, he is coming to 826michigan through the Zell Writers Series as part of our How to Write Like I Do workshop series for adults. Please join us for:

Turn, Surprise, Intrigue: The Joke as Entry to Short Fiction
Taught by Daniel Alarcon
Wednesday, October 20th, from 6-7:30

Cost: $25 which benefit the free student programs at 826michigan

At this point, I’ll turn it over to Daniel Alarcon himself, as he describes his workshop in his own words; he plans to do “something along the lines of having everyone bring in a joke (yes, an actual joke they need to tell) and use these successful and unsuccessful laugh lines to talk about what works and doesn’t work in fiction. I’ve done this on occasion with some workshops, and it’s always successful. Jokes that turn, surprise, intrigue, have the same machinery (often) as a piece of short fiction.”

I don’t think I am alone in thinking that that sounds FUN.

Oh! And for those of you who are interested in such things, his various awards and honors include:

  • His debut novel Lost City Radio won the 2009 International Literature Prize
  • He has a Guggenheim fellowship
  • He was recently selected for The New Yorker 20 under 40

If that’s not enough, google him. You’re sure to be impressed.

Register for this workshop, while there is still room in it, by clicking here. Hope to see you there!

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