January 2011 – Beth Barrett, Emily Meloche, and Julie Rick

January 1, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

Beth Barrett, Emily Meloche, and Julie Rick!

Beth Barrett, Emily Meloche, and Julie Rick!

You may not have been aware of this, but Cerberus was our tutoring intern this semester. We have been studying the myth in Mrs. Hatt’s third grade class this semester, and we’re pretty sure it’s true. That is, if Cerberus were a super-gorgeous, incredibly sweet, and wonderful three-headed pup. Could such a thing exist? We think so, or at least, we have seen it to be true. Is this starting out a little too esoteric?

This month, we are honoring a trio of amazing volunteers who have so much in common it seems as though they sprung together from Zeus’s head. (Wait…a…minute…) What’s that? You’d like to see a bullet-pointed list backing up our last sentence? You got it, dear reader. You GOT it.

Beth, Emily, and Julie are all former 826michigan interns who decided to intern a SECOND time.
Beth, Emily, and Julie are so incredibly SWEET with our students, it is one of our favorite pass-times to watch them in action.
Beth, Emily, and Julie have that rare mix of being SUPER creative and also SUPER reliable.

Beth, Emily, and Julie are wonderful teachers.

Beth, Emily, and Julie all have really, really pretty hair.
There’s the top five. Program Coordinator Catherine Calabro said it thusly: “The tutoring point people were so point — incredibly reliable, organized, and observant throughout the entire fall semester. I knew that our program at 826michigan was in capable & caring hands whenever I was off-site. All of them sent me wonderfully detailed reports of each day they spent at tutoring; it’s clear that the three of them have formed meaningful relationships with our regular tutoring students.” High praise indeed, and deservedly so.

It probably goes without saying, but ideally we have one point person for the tutoring program, and that person comes every day. We were unable to make that happen this semester, and yet, everything went so smoothly, it was as though we had one super-capable intern leading our tutoring program. (Cerberita?) Better still, they each brought their own spin to it, their own unique set of talents. Beth came on Mondays, always bright and sunny, always smiling, always ready to crack a joke with a struggling student. Julie came on Tuesdays and Thursdays, always reliable, always whip-smart, always making homework seem easy and dare-we-say-it, fun, often carrying a delicious, homemade baked good. Emily came on Wednesdays, always organized, always willing to take on extra projects (like volunteer applications — thank you, Emily!), always making students and tutors alike feel at home in our lab.

We quite often fall a little bit very much in love with our interns. We are rarely treated to a second go around. To say we fell a little bit very much in love with Beth, Emily, and Julie would be a little bit very much understating it. Suffice it to say, there was plenty of clapping, cheers, and sighs of relief when they each signed back on this semester.

Thank you SO MUCH Beth, Emily, and Julie! We love you, and find you each uniquely delightful and uniformly awesome. Please continue to volunteer (and sporadically intern) for us!

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