JANUARY Student Writing Gallery

January 26, 2016 | 826 Blog Post

Each month, we feature EIGHT new pieces of student writing on the TWENTY-SIXTH of the month. (Get it?) This month, we are are featuring writing from our Adams Writers Workshops at  Adams STEM Academy in Ypsilanti.

*Adams Writers Workshops*

Ella Pittman, age 10
Adams Writers Workshop

I was born on September 26, 2005 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. I started school three years after. I went to Head Start preschool, then I went to Perry for kindergarten and first grade. I have been going to Adams STEM Academy for second, third, fourth, and now fifth grade. Now I am ten!! My favorite colors are lavender, mint green, and pink. I love to go to the movies. I have gone about twenty times. My favorite fruit is cherries. My favorite movie is the new Cinderella (with real people). The movie I do not like is Coraline. When I went to see it, I was four and we had to leave the theater because I was scared. I was born in St. Joe’s hospital. I can not remember anything from that time.


Once upon a time, there was a rainbow elephant named Ella. She was a rainbow striped elephant with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. She ate blue peanut butter on toast. With her friends she would go to the movies and take walks. Her life dream was to work with the other rainbow animals at the circus. Even though she was not good at balancing on a ball, she made it her life goal. She was very happy with her new job. Her uniform was a pink tutu with a gold crown with pink jewels. Ella’s act was synchronized swimming. Ella was a very good swimmer, surprisingly. She won an award. Ella lived happily in the circus. The end.

Maleik Moss-Clopton, age 9
Adams Writers Workshop

My name is Maleik and I’m nine years old. My favorite food is white rice, with a lot of butter and sugar. Also my favorite color is red. I love super powers a lot. I love to be nice to people. I love my family. My favorite game is any Marvel game. I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I really don’t like to go outside, but I do like to watch TV. I am going to teach fifth or fourth grade when I grow up. I want to be rich as well.

The New Superhero in Town

Once there was a guy named Ben. He had a red shirt, blue jeans, Jordan Nikes, and red glasses. He did not know he had superpowers. Good thing he had a good friend, Tom. He figured out Ben had superpowers, but Ben kept saying he didn’t.

One day, Ben and Tom were just walking. And then a villain came. The police kept trying to get him, but his name was Poisonous Man. He was the color green. He had a metal shirt and pants. He had black boots.

Then Ben’s body was going crazy. Poisonous Man kept using his poisonous powers. First Ben did a charging blast. It felt like a soft pillow. It was as red as red leaves. Then he was like, “Cool!” Then Tom was like, “Ha ha, I told you.” He was loud—loud as a person screaming in a microphone. And he kept saying that. Then Ben said, “Okay already.” The Poisonous Man got up. Then Ben kept blasting. Tom said, “See if you have new powers at home.” Then after Poisonous Man left, they felt really happy, as happy as candy and money up in the air.

Ben and Tom went home. Ben kept trying to see if he had new powers. Then a new power popped out of his hand. It was a red tornado. He was happy, then a watch disappeared on his hand and it said beep, beep, and kept beeping. Then he went outside. The outside was crazy, but he was just standing and then he sped off for a second until he got the hang of it. He kept speeding around, then he found a bad guy. He was the Shocker, or SK for short. The Shocker was wearing all blue. He had two whips in his hands. They were electric everywhere. Ben got a rope and sped around the SK but SK got out because his shock was a whip. Then Ben used his tornado power. It was out of his hands. That did not work. Then he used his blast, but that did not work. Then Tom said, “Use all your powers combined.” Ben said it worked. Then they defeated the Shocker. They were happy, so Ben and Tom just kept defeating evil. They ate brownies. They smelled delicious. They smelled good as roses.

Ja’Niya Hinton, age 10
Adams Writers Workshop

Js on Ja’Niya’s feet.
Always stay fresh.
Never back down.
Incredibly smart.
You can spot me in any crowd.
Always stay beautiful.

I am ten years old. I am cold at basketball. I like to read Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries, Judy Blume, some action books, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Magic School Bus. I am not very good at math but I am really good at reading. My favorite animal is a dog. My dog’s name is Meech.

The Time I Was a Teacher!!

One day, I spent the night at my Aunt Angie’s house. When I woke up, my cousin Kelani wasn’t in the house. So I walked across the street to see if she went to my Grandma Grace’s house.  When I walked in, it smelled like bacon. There she was, sitting at the dining room table waiting for my grandma to finish cooking breakfast. My grandma asked if I wanted some breakfast. I said, “Yes please.” My grandma asked me to help Kelani read. I helped her sound out the words. I gave her some strategies—like, she was stuck on the word “party,” so I covered up all the letters except for the “p” and I just told her to use letter sounds. And she started to read the words in the book that was as colorful as a rainbow. She was way better than she was before I helped her.

My Aunt Angie came in and said, “Hey, what are you doing?”
I said, “Helping Kelani.”
She said, “Helping her do what?”
I said, “I’m helping her read because Grandma asked me to.”
She said, “Ooh!” When we were done with the book, Kelani knew how to read. The end.

Abraham Diawara, age 9
Adams Writers Workshop

My name is Abraham and I am nine years old. My favorite superheroes are Batman and Robin. I like The Fast and the Furious. My favorite movie is Star Wars. My favorite food is pizza. I like to play video games on my PS4. My favorite video games are Batman: Arkham Knight and Destiny: The Taken King. My favorite store is Gamestop. I like to listen to rap music. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift.

The Adventures of Brat Boy
Chapter One: The Crazy Man
“Hey guys, did you see the news? There is an Iron Person saving my people.”
“So what?”
“So what. Max, I need to stop him tonight! Iron Boy! Come out of hiding and fight on the the good guys side!” said Iron boy.
There was a fire. Brat Boy and Iron Boy teamed up.

Chapter Two: The Fire
Iron Boy and the Brat Boy had to stop the fire. Here was the plan: Iron Boy would take a hose and put out the fire. When the fire was put out, he came and Brat Boy said, “Now!” And he called for his Brat Mobile. After, a firefly chased the car and then there was an explosion. To be continued . . .

Chapter Three: The Explosion
Brat Boy chased him down and Iron Boy fell on the ground. Night Ghost, Brat Boy’s best friend, and Ms. Marvel showed up. Brat Boy said, “Let’s take him down!” Then an explosion went off. Boom!!! To be continued . . .

Chapter Four: The Future
“What happened to the city? It is a mess,” said Ms. Marvel.
Brat Boy stepped out of his car. He said, “We accidentally time-traveled”
“What? That was not a nuke, that was a time-travel bomb. We have to get back to our time.”
They heard an explosion and . . . boom!
“Not again!” said Brat Boy. “It’s the Civil War.”

Chapter Five: It’s Too Late
They ran to their future hideout, but when they got there, it was destroyed.
“What happened to our hideout?” they said. They got their gear and decided to go back to their time. Go! Go! Go! They went through their secret portal, back to their own time.
“Oh no, we are too late!” they said. To be continued . . .

Chapter Six: The End
Brat Boy said, “Firefly?”
Firefly was surprised and asked, “What are you doing here?”
“We are going to stop you!” said Brat Boy. Then they arrested Firefly. Then they earned medals from the country.
“Thank you for saving our lives!” said the president.
This is the beginning of the end.

Preview of the next story: in the next story, Brat Boy has to team up with his villains. Stayed tuned for the exciting adventures of Brat Boy.

Miya Phillips-Scott, age 7
Adams Writers Workshop

My name is Miya and I am seven years old. I like to eat pizza, muffins, and ice cream. My favorite ice cream has sprinkles on it. I like to draw. I like to ride my bike.

The Fairy Named Star Yellow

It started on Halloween night. There was a fairy named Star Yellow. She lived in the sky. She had black hair and brown eyes. She flew to the hair salon called Barbie’s Hair Salon. She got her hair straightened. She went home because she had gone in her pajamas! She put on a dress with a big, blue rose on it, then she went to a picnic. She had a BBQ. She called her friends to come. Her friend’s name was Flower Red. Her other friend was Moon Blue. She had a cat named Halo Kitty. Her friend had a dog named Jordan. They ate hot dogs. Then they went to the park and played tag and had strawberry cupcakes. Then they had chocolate ice cream. Then their friend Banana Muffin came. She was a fairy. She had a dress with bananas all over it. Star Yellow went to the library, but she forgot her book, so she went back to the picnic and got her book and went back to the library but it was closed! So she went to another library and returned the book and checked out a new book. The she went home and said, “The party’s over!” And she read her book and fell asleep. In the morning, she woke up and ate star-shaped lemon pancakes. And on Saturday, it’s my birthday and I’m going to Disney World.

Fayth Wackus, age 10
Adams Writers Workshop

Hello, my name is Fayth and I am ten years old. My name is a little different because most people named Fayth spell their name F-a-i-t-h, but mine is F-a-y-t-h. I just think I am different and unique because of my name. One of my most favorite foods is chicken. My favorite animals are dogs and panda bears. My favorite book series is Thea Stilton and my favorite movie is Zookeeper. I like pop music. My favorite subject in school is reading.

Pickles the Butterfly Man

One day, Pickles the Butterfly Man was going outside and he was going to the Bug Mart to buy some fried worms. When he was walking down to Bug Mart, he kept hearing this weird nose. It sounded like a baby laughing, but Pickles just kept walking and just ignored it. Then he went into the Bug Mart and got a couple of things, like fried worms and baby baked ants and his most favorite of all time cereal, mini beetles. Then he went to the checkout lane to buy his things and he left Bug Mart to go home and cook himself dinner. He had baby baked ants and then he went outside to play Astronauts vs. Aliens with some of his friends. He and his friends were the astronauts and they were beating up all of the aliens. The astronauts won and then they all came inside to make dinner and have something to drink. Pickles had baby baked worms and beetle juice. His dinner tasted as juicy as an orange and as tender as steak. Pickles said that his dinner was so very scrumptious. “I had a good dinner,” Pickles said. After dinner, he had to get ready for bed. He had to brush his teeth with his beetle paste and his worm brush and after he brushed his teeth he had to put on his pajamas. He put on his favorite beetle pajamas. They had beetles all over them. And that is the story of the Butterfly Man, Pickles. Before he went to bed, he had a treat. He had a Crunch Bar. It had ants and beetles in it. That’s why it’s called a Crunch Bar.

Aaliyah Simone Thomas, age 7
Adams Writers Workshop

My name is Aaliyah and I’m seven years old and I want to be a gymnast when I grow up. I also want to be a second grade teacher. I like school and reading. I was born in 2008, on August 2. My favorite food is pizza and also macaroni and chicken and corn. I’m getting a pet dog.

Trixxie and the Secret Door

Trixxie is a very nice person. She can turn into a mermaid, and she can turn into a princess and a fairy and a queen and an eight-year-old girl, but not in Halloween town. In Halloween town, you can’t see your house. It’s dark and some people have jack o’lanterns. It smells like perfume. The moon smells like rotten cheese. It is always hot in Halloween town—to cool off, you drink lemonade and go to pluto. Trixxie loves Mother Nature and animals and friends. Trixxie has a black cat named Fifi. She didn’t know that her best friend, Beth, was evil so she found out in Halloween town that she has to defeat her best friend in the whole world. Her sister told her to believe in herself. In the past, Beth was in a costume so Trixxie didn’t know it was Beth. She tried to stop Beth, but Beth cast a spell and everyone was in a deep sleep. Trixxie was the only one to stop her, so Trixxie uncast Beth’s spell and Trixxie took away her powers and saved Halloween town.

Thylicia Gabby, age 7
Adams Writers Workshop

Hello, my name is Thylicia Gabby and I’m from Africa and am new to this country. I love learning, and when I grow up I want to be a singer but I have to learn first, so let’s keep going. I had cousins in Africa so I really miss them. I love Adivater and I have four pet dogs. My dog just had puppies.

An Adventure with Lisa Gomez

Lisa is really nice. She is a great girl. She has powers but she can’t really control them. She feels sad. Her favorite color is pink. Her last name is Gomez. She likes going in the forest, picking apples, and going to work. She has a secret door that she never knew about. She went down through the door. When she got in, her clothes were different. If she goes in the water she turns herself into a mermaid. She always wanted to be an actor. Once there was a wicked woman, Lisa’s stepmother, who tried to steal ingredients. The ingredients kept Lisa safe. The ingredients smelled like a fish and they looked like snakes. They were green. The snakes were for protecting her and being safe. Her smile is as bright as the sun. Her hair lights up in the dark. If she touches something it goes away. Lisa’s parents died when she was little and her sister took her to a deserted island. She didn’t know where she was. Lisa used to control the animals. She practiced on the island to control her powers. She built a treehouse, which was where she lived. She got used to the island. On her birthday she celebrated. She missed her presents and parents. There was a magic tree that would allow her to see her parents but if she went there three times the tree would vanish forever. She went home then she found her new parents. The parents adopted her and they lived happily ever after. The end.

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