Josi the Jovial

March 5, 2019 | 826 Blog Post

Josi Ezinga was an essential and indefatigable part of a small team of volunteers that hosted two classes of Erickson Writers Club in the fall. She is a super-volunteer for five classes of Writers Club this winter—two at Erickson Elementary and three at Estabrook Elementary. That’s a lot of work! It’s hard to fathom how she commits to this on top of her own school and work schedule, and it’s even more incredible to comprehend the level of attention and care she brings to each interaction of each session. Josi is a favorite among students, and the energizing effect she has on young minds is apparent from the moment she meets a group at the door of their classroom. She has an easy-going, friendly demeanor with students and fellow volunteers. She is always early. She’s a leader not only in student interactions but in volunteer reflection and the administration of programs. Whether she is chatting with a student in the hall about their cheetah shoes or drawing someone out Socratically in a session of collaborative writing, it is clear that Josi takes students and their ideas seriously.


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