July 2010 – Noa Iacob

July 1, 2010 | 826 Blog Post

Noa Iacob!

Noa Iacob!

We’ll tell you right off the number one reason we picked long-time volunteer Noa Iacob to be the Volunteer of the Month for July 2010. That’s easy enough: We just really LIKE her. She’s nice. To everyone. She’s helpful. In a bunch of ways. She’s funny. And creative. And sweet. And, well, likable.

Noa, in addition to having a super-sweet name, has become one of our super-sweetest volunteers. She’s been with us for almost two years now, and it’s become hard to classify what “Volunteer Clique” she belongs to, because she’s pretty multi-faceted.

For a long time, we thought of her mostly as a Robotier (pronounced row-bot-ee-AY), one of our illustrious store staff. And we love having her in the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair. Not only is she friendly and helpful to our customers, she has a delightfully bubbly enthusiasm about what it is we’re trying to DO with the store, and manages to pass that on to people walking through. It is, to be blunt, EXACTLY what we look for in a Robotier. Furthermore, she is ALWAYS happy and willing to trade or pick up shifts, which is, in a word: AWESOME.

But she’s branched out significantly this year. She started tutoring, for example, often several times a week. She has a patience and sweetness with our students that is charming to watch. She also, as the pictures probably tipped you off, grew a mustache for our Mustache-a-Thon this year. We love when women try to grow mustaches for us, and we EXTRA-love it when they get as into it as Noa did, even sporting a homemade uni-brow for one of the weigh-ins. Furthermore, she blew us all away at Robot Karaoke last month with her rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Turns out this one can SING.

Noa is willing to help with WHATEVER. If she gets off of a store shift, for example, and, say, people are painting the ceiling tiles (or something), then she will always offer to stay and help paint the ceiling tiles (or whatever). She’ll run errands. She’ll put together store products. She’ll clean. She is a supporter of her community and the people within it, and it shows in just about everything she does.

In addition to all of this, we’ll go back to our first point: We just really LIKE her. She’s SO nice. Maybe one of the nicest volunteers we’ve ever had. And so, Noa, please don’t ever leave us. Noa, we think you’re pretty spectacular. Noa, we’ve liked you since the moment we laid eyes on the colored in phoenix robot you drew on your application. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us, and continue to do!

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