July 2012 – Diane Crang

July 1, 2012 | 826 Blog Post

Diane Crang!

Diane Crang!

Take a look at that picture. What does it look like to you? Could it be . . . a LIBRARY?

Yes. Yes, it is an honest-to-goodness library where before there were just shelves full of (jumbled! disorganized! worthy of inclusion in some Indiana Jones movie!) books.

And who is the volunteer — nay, the wizard — who has effected such a grand transformation in our tutoring lab?

Friends, it is none other than DIANE CRANG.

For months now, Diane Crang has been spending hours each week cataloguing our (jumbled! disorganized! etc!) collection of books, creating a reference system on LibraryThing, and (as you can see) arranging our offerings quite attractively on the shelves. It’s slow work, but Diane is methodical, thorough, and more than up to the task.

Although the library is still a work in progress, and maybe will always be, having a REAL LIBRARY right in our tutoring lab has already made a HUGE difference and will continue to do so.

So that’s enough, right there, for us to want to honor Diane as a volunteer who has gone FAR above and beyond and made a permanent mark on 826michigan.

But (if you can believe it) that’s not all! Diane ALSO contributes mightily to our tutoring program as a tutor who has shown special aptitude in working with students with special needs, particularly those on the autism spectrum. As you may imagine, this is a great and ever-growing need as well as very important work, and we are so grateful to Diane for lending us her talents in this arena.

Thank you so much, Diane, for all you do! 826michigan is a better-organized, more-thoroughly-catalogued, patient-er and more understanding a place with you around.

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