July 2022 Volunteer of the Month

July 11, 2022 | Volunteer of the Month

Ledia has been one of those constant long-time go-to volunteers especially for in-school programs. We can count on her to be a caring, in-tune, engaging volunteer connecting with our students. Frances has a fun distinct memory about a program with Bright Futures at Ypsilanti Middle School. The team did a huge clean out and overhaul of a space that would become the tutoring space. Ledia spent all day getting the space ready and is never afraid to roll up her sleeves to support however she can.  A few months ago, Ledia was looking to get involved again and has created this volunteer role where she comes in and is a super hero helping in so many ways as we’re trying to get ready to imagine having students back in the space. She has been cleaning, organizing, working on operations things, filing, organizing, and donating old resources. Recently, she spent all day doing inventory day for 826michigan. She’s so thoughtful about ways she can support us as a staff and us as an organization. She brings her skills to bear in support of the organization. Through many years of our staff changing and through many transitions, she has formed relationships with various team members and is always willing to connect authentically with our team.

I’m super glad to be back following my pandemic time out and can’t wait to return to community family writing activities and in-house field trips. For now, my pet project is helping to prepare the space in anticipation of a return to in-house activities in the near future.

– Ledia

Strategy for Surviving the Robot Apocalypse

A super soaker filled with dark chocolate

Favorite 826michigan Memory

Two things stand out here: Grade school kids presenting their pieces following a workshop and Frances’s enthusiastic, warm welcomes

Words of Wisdom for Fellow & Future Volunteers

We can learn much from one another.

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