Location, Location, Location!

October 24, 2007 | 826 Blog Post

As many of you know, we have volunteer orientations about once a month. These are generally attended by between three and ten people. Last night, we hosted our first orientation at our new site. I’m not good with numbers, but I would say that no fewer than thirty new volunteers showed up. We had a line. And, not only that, this: the excitement was palpable. Everyone was excited and full of ideas and overwhelmed and, well, wonderful. Many volunteers stayed after to talk with us about new and intriguing ways in which they could help. I for one talked to two enthusiastic Borders employees who have a book group idea that you will most certainly be hearing about on our next workshop schedule!

Kudos to our new volunteers! It’s equivalent (at least to me) to waking up next to a huge wooden boat filled with fresh sushi (one of the best images I can conjure) to know that so many people in our community want to donate their time to working with and inspiring young folks!

Are we accepting applications for new volunteers? Always. The more people we have, the more good we can do!

Next volunteer orientation: Tuesday, November 20 from 6-7pm. Email Amy if you plan on attending!

Could it be our new location?

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