March is Mustache Month

March 5, 2009 | 826 Blog Post

Stop by the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair
to watch our progress via the Robofontaine 12,000:
a robot programmed to grow a mustache based
upon the amount of money we’ve made.
Will Robofontaine 12,000 be able to grow the
$12,000 mustache we’ve built into his wiring?

You’ll have to stop by and see!

As everyone knows by now, March is the month where we ask local guys to donate their upper lips, and their dignity, to 826michigan for a while. They grow mustaches. People donate money to their favorite stache, and 826michigan raises some much-needed funds to keep our programs going. The past two years, we were eternally, deeply humbled by the response from twenty or so guys, hundreds of donors, and local businesses like Arbor Brewing Company who help make this happen. We’re just getting started with our Mustache-a-Thon this year, and already we’re overwhelmed (and there are, four days in, BARELY SHADOWS of staches on the upper lips we’ve checked up on). Instead of twenty-something, we have THIRTY-SEVEN mustache growers. Instead of just a pack of random guys, we have a slew of wonderful volunteers, AND the muscle of the entire Saline Fire Department! Instead of being confined to southeast Michigan, we’ve gone international; our former intern, the hilarious Connor Timmons, is growing his mustache in Montreal! Instead of just Arbor Brewing Company, we also have Yelp helping us spread the word.

We also have four guys named either Mike or Michael.

We asked Yelp why they got involved this year, and they said, “As a website where people read and write all sorts of creative, funny, and useful reviews of their favorite local businesses, Yelp realizes the importance of nurturing a love of writing for all ages. Yelp allows you to rate all sorts of things around town, from barbers to places you and your mustached (or not) friends grab a beer, and we’re proud to help support and spread the word about 826’s annual facial-hair fundraiser.”

Thanks: Yelp! Thanks: Arbor Brewing Company! Thanks: Blogmaster/Photographer Angi Stevens! Thanks: right-hand-woman Erika Manczak! Thanks: Andrew, Ben, Carter, Chris, Christopher, Connor, Dan, Desmond, Duncan, Eli, Eric, Frank, Ivan, Jacob, Jason, Jeff, Jim, Josh, KC, Kelan, Ken, Mark, Matt, Michael, Mike, Mike, Mike, Moshe, Paul, Rick, Sean, Steve, Steven, Tim, Tony, Tyler!

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