March Student Writing Gallery!

March 26, 2015 | 826 Blog Post

Each month, we feature EIGHT new pieces of student writing on the TWENTY-SIXTH of the month. (Get it?) This month, we are delighted to feature student work from our Off-site Drop-in Writing Programs, specifically highlighting Wee-Bots at the Detroit Public Library and Teen and Youth Drop-in at the Ypsilanti District Libraries.

* Wee-Bots at the Campbell Branch of the Detroit Public Library *

Ingrid Ramos
Age 9

Captain America went to a car park at Walmart and met a space monkey.  They went in Walmart and bought candy.  Then, they went to the library to read.  Then they were hungry and went to a restaurant to eat chicken wings.

Miranda Pasaye
Age 8

One time an apple tree was about to go to the Apple World and along the way he ate around his neighborhood. After he ate, a dog came and asked for an apple. He said, “The apples are free,” and the dog said, “Astronauts want apples too, because the apples are good.”  And the dog wanted an apple again, and the astronaut wanted an apple again.

Priscila Flores
Age 6
“If you Give a Bear a Cupcake”

If you give a panda bear a cupcake, he will ask for leaves. Then he will eat the leaves, and I will eat my cupcake.

Alma Varela
Age 9
“A Little Poor Boy”

One time they were selling a Russian hat, and one little boy wanted to buy it but he didn’t have enough money. So he decided that he had to work, so they would pay him. When the boy was walking, a person was drowning and he was screaming for help, and he said that he didn’t know how to swim, and the kid said, “I’ll help you,” and then the boy swam to the person, and put his hand on the guy’s shoulder and returned him back.

Everybody saw the boy rescue him, so a man said, “Did you save him?”

The boy said, “Yes.”

The man said, “Would you like to be rich?”

The boy said, “Yes! Thank you!” And he said, “Can I have money?”

“Yes, sure. How much?”

“One hundred thousand dollars.”

“Sure, but why so much?”

“I’m going to buy the Russian hat.”

“Okay, would you like a drive?”

“Oh, now I could even have a ride!”

“Yes, you can.”

“Okay indeed.”

They rode and they got there and the boy bought the Russian hat. He said to the man, “Do I look fancy?”

“Yes sir, indeed.”

So they headed home and the kid said, “Wait, I’m going to help those men in the burning house.” He went and the wind blew the RUSSIAN HAT AND THE KID DIDN’T NOTICE!  But the guy did, so the Russian hat was in the fire, and the kid caught it and threw it into the water and thought it would float, but it didn’t, so he never saw it.  The end.

* Drop-in Writing at the Ypsilanti District Libraries *

Calvin Sears
Age 12
“The Transportatronic 10,000”

The Transportatronic 10,000 is a time-space machine that can transport you though time, space, dimensions, and universes.

By typing on the universal keyboard on the box, call 1-800-736-TIME (which adjusts to every language automatically), or go to You can travel to any time, place, dimension, or universe by standing under the arrow. Order Now!

Only $4.94!* *Multiply coat by 740,000, add tax and a shipping price of $600.

Special Deal! Buy a Transportatronic 10,000 by April 2, 2015 and get a Transportatronic 10,000! (Unbelievable Not-savings!)

Tyler Henderson
Age 13

Mino was one that was labeled by rather compassionate people as “a troubled man.” His outer appearance was average enough, with a thin layer of dark stubble on his chin and the mediocre white coat that cloaked most dentists’ shoulders. His eyes, however, were striking; they were the only part of his structure that portrayed intense insanity.

Poor Mino was plagued by voices and troubling visions of exploding buildings. Despite this, he received a decent education and found himself working as the President’s insane dentist.

On one particularly gloomy day, the voices in Mino’s head screeched louder than ever. “DUCK!” they yelped shilly, giving Mino a throbbing headache. Desperate for fresh air, Mino raced to the courtyard, collapsing on the evergreen grass. He peered at the sky through a haze of pain, whimpering. A strange, pulsing object seemed to be drifting toward the Earth, and yet, as it got closer, it spiraled faster and faster toward the Earth.

Suddenly, the voices and visions in Mino’s head made sense. They were a warning for the destruction that was about to swamp his beloved nation. Well, Mino thought, I’m not going to let that happen…

* * *

Ralph braced himself for the incoming wave of baseballs that were being hurled toward him. His eyes met the single object as it raced forward, though to him it seemed to inch forward at a snail’s pace. I got this one, he thought confidently as he lurched into position. Nothing can stop me now.


Ralph swung the bat like a club, missing the ball by a long shot. “Alright!” he called indignantly. “Who’s asking for a bat in the face?” He swung around to face his adversary.

There stood none other than Mino, his hair tossed wildly and glasses knocked askew. His eyes looked more deranged than ever, both pointing in opposite directions. Ralph was dumbfounded by this apparent mad-man, and did not find it within himself to speak.

“You must flee!” Mino panted breathlessly. “There is an asteroid — falling at an alarming rate!”

Ralph narrowed his eyes. “Say…aren’t you that insane doctor who works for the President?”

“I’m a dentist,” Mino said, obviously offended. “And I’m not insane. There is danger! We will all die if you don’t…”

Acire Wall
Age 13
“The Beginning of an Untitled Mystery”

They all gathered at the usual place, the abandoned warehouse. “Is everyone here?” Mrs. Chikki asked. She was their ringleader and everyone looked up to her.

Someone smacked loudly as they walked in. “Sup,” smack, chew, “guys.”

“Ah, Big Joe, ain’t no food goin’ escape yo big mouth,” said Chikki.

More smacking and chewing. “Wha-” — he stopped mid-sentence to scratch his belly and pick lint out of his belly button — “what does that mean?”

“You’re such an ignorant, incompetent man,” said Dr. E. No one knew his real name. At least that’s what Barbra told me. Barbra is a waitress who knows everything.

“Enough!” Mrs. Chikki shouted, scattering my thoughts. “We all came to eat, not to babble!”

Wow, I thought, walking closer. What are they eating and why in an abandoned warehouse? I should have just stayed where I was, but I was compelled and nothing could stop me…

Brian Tumbarello
Age 13

The cat Claudius is known to few
And should you find him, then now you
Should have found yourself a memorable cat –-
Why few know of him, I know not that.

For Claudius is a cat of style
He keeps his whiskers trimmed and neat
His handsome mouth tastes never of bile
But every dinner of a rare-cooked meat.

His black top-hat always goes well
With a blue tailcoat and an aftershave-smell
And Claudius’s fur is orange-and-white
Of which never a hair has been harmed in a fight.

And Claudius, as you might like to know,
Is a large advocate of the afternoon snack
His favorite being a finger or toe
Of a delicious half-cooked or well-done barn rat.

So Claudius, you might care to see
Has not five toes per foot, nor four, but three
Three toes on one foot, five or four on the rest
How Claudius lost it (of this I don’t jest)

Was in a horrible fishing incident
In which Claudius fished well for a day
Until a hook caught on one of his digits
And took it right off, and into the lake

But for that Claudius has only gained respect
And a dozen new friends, each waiting in queue
To accompany this old yet still stylish cat
In the catching of a fresh fish or two.

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