Mark Your Calendars

June 7, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

This is what we like to call a teaser: Saturday, the 26th of August,
there will be an event happening in Ann Arbor so colossal, so grand,
so magnanimous that it requires a bevy of impressive words to describe
it. Can an event be gregarious? Well, mark my words, this one will be.
And prodigious! And jocular!

There might be a few details I can give away. It might
happen at a park. There might be activities like kite flying and
frisbee tossing. There might be delicious food, and nice
weather, and good people sitting around together. We might be
talking about a dunk tank and pony rides (but we’re probably not, at
least not seriously).

So, friends, mark your calendars. 8/26…get it?

And now, something to ponder from our inspiration room:

In chess vs. checkers, who would win?

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