May 2010 – Krysta Stone

May 1, 2010 | 826 Blog Post

Krysta Stone

Krysta Stone!

This month, we honor a volunteer who’s been with us, seemingly, FOREVER. In the best possible way. Krysta Stone is not only a long-time volunteer, but she’s also, most assuredly, the Jane-of-several-Trades kind. Which–between us–is one of our VERY FAVORITE kinds of volunteers.

We’ll break it down by the two *main* trades:


  • Krysta has helped out with all sorts of events. For our Away We Go sneak preview, she managed what we can only describe as “the virtual nightmare” that was will-call ticketing without a ticketing service. In other words, Krysta was the ticketing service. She came here on a Friday night and sorted, alphabetized, color coded, and more, to make sure everything was just so. Despite a terrible system, Krysta organized things so well that there were NO ticket conflicts the night of the film, which is, trust us, nothing short of a miracle.
  • For the Big House, Big Heart 5K, not only does she always run in it, she also always makes a donation, AND always makes sure her whole network of people (which is, as you can imagine, vast) make a donation. Furthermore, she’s become our most favorite team captain for the event, and ALWAYS runs in her Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair shirt.
  • For our art auction two years ago, she contacted artists, kept a super wonderful spreadsheet of everyone we’d asked and the status, and was here meeting, greeting, and doing everything necessary to make sure that ran smoothly.
  • We couldn’t help but use this mustache picture of her, despite the fact that she didn’t participate in our Mustache-a-Thon this year. It illustrates, quite well, really, how she spreads the word on our events, even ones that she’s not directly involved with.
  • TO SUM: We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard from people about our events: “Oh, Krysta Stone told me about it.”


  • Krysta helped to launch our new Skitz program at Hikone Community Center, wherein she rallied ten young girls of varying ages and, across the board, INCREDIBLY high energy levels, and worked with them on developing small plays and dance numbers. She led theater games, broke up fights, and, once again, kept everything running smoothly. (Are you noticing a pattern here?)
  • Krysta has tutored, and works marvelously with students of all ages.

Krysta’s been with us since the State Street days, and it’s our hope that she will be with us, well, until the end of time, if possible. Krysta, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us! We love you!

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