May's Supporter of the Month is. . .Beezy's!

May 30, 2012 | 826 Blog Post

Oh, Beezy’s. What is there to say about Beezy’s? If you know the place, you know that it is THE place to go for delicious, honest, fresh food; a friendly neighborhood ambience; chatty-but-not-TOO-chatty counter staff; a wide selection of coffee drinks (with ALMOND MILK! this lactose-intolerant reporter rejoices!); and the most decadent and wonderful baked goods the human mind can comprehend. If you don’t know the place, then get yourself down there immediately (if not sooner)! Beezy’s is located on Washington St in downtown Ypsilanti (also, we will add, home to many other fine small businesses).

So why is Beezy’s — and its lovely proprietor Bee Roll — 826michigan’s May Supporter of the Month? Because in addition to being a restaurant and cafe of sterling quality, Beezy’s does its part as a small business to keep the Ypsilanti community vibrant. Beezy’s has lent a hand with many 826michigan events, including the 2011 Spelling Bee for Honest Cheaters and a pre-Love Hangover Soup Supper in 2012. The restaurant will also take an important role in a VERY exciting upcoming 826michigan event: our exclusive book release party for the newly published authors of Ypsilanti Middle School and their families!

Our book release parties are always extraordinarily energetic events. There are readings and speeches! A dramatic reveal of the new book! Much jumping up and down and squealing! And this year, to top it all off, there will be lasagna. What (we ask you, WHAT) could be better than that?

These parties are important to us because they represent the culmination of a very long haul by our staff and volunteers in putting together the year’s publication (this year’s is titled What to Call the Place I Call Home). But, MORE importantly, this book release party will celebrate the people who have worked the very hardest on WtCtPICH: the students themselves. We could not be more proud or honored to break bread with these students and their families to commemorate a year’s hard work, and we are grateful to Beezy’s for providing what we are CERTAIN will be the makings of a warm, hearty, delicious meal.

Thank you, Bee, and thanks to all your wonderful staff! You are a true Ypsilanti institution and we are pleased to know you!

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