December 6, 2010 | 826 Blog Post

Wow, I just typed that subject line, and it hit me: This is the FIFTH year of Mittenfest. Listen, we’ve been talking about Mittenfest V for a long time. I’ve typed Mittenfest V more times than I can count. And perhaps it’s the use of the “V” that has made it not quite sink in until now. Five years! We opened in June of 2005, so that means there has only been ONE December in our existence that didn’t have a Mittenfest in it.

Perhaps that’s why it seems like so much of a staple now. I cannot imagine the holidays without Mittenfest. It’s like a four-day family holiday party. But I digress!

First off, I’d like to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to BEN ENGLISH, who won our design contest. Yes, that’s the same Ben English who designed our robot travel posters. I would like to be known that MOST of the deciding committee had no idea that Ben volunteers for us, and the one person who did (me) held her vote until everyone else had unanimously decided. So congrats, Ben! We’ll have the poster for your viewing pleasure very soon, but for now, get ready for these amazing t-shirts:

Cool, right? There will be a limited number for sale at Mittenfest V.

I am also thrilled to give you the FINAL rundown on the event. Here it is!

Thursday, December 30 through Sunday, January 2
Woodruff’s, 36 E. Cross Street, in the Depot Town section of Ypsilanti
Doors at 3pm every day, music from 3:45pm-2am
$7/day, four-day festival pass (now available at the robot shop!) for $25

For more specifics on the sixty bands who are playing, what special things we have going on for New Year’s Eve, and what I can only refer to as “all things Mittenfest,” allow me to refer you to this. More soon!

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