Mustaches: The Razor is on the Horizon

April 23, 2008 | 826 Blog Post

For those of you who have walked by 826michigan lately, you may have noticed that there are many mustaches colored in on our now-famous Mustache-O-Meter (honestly, you would not believe the number of people that thing stops in the sidewalk). We are currently hovering right around eight thousand dollars, thanks in no small part to a very generous donation from Fifth Third Bank.

We know what you’re thinking: But wait! I wanted to participate in 826michigan’s Second Annual Mustache-a-Thon: Son of ’Stache! Is it too late?

No, dear reader, it is not too late. Our goal is ten thousand dollars, and we’re not there yet. Help us reach our goal in these last few days where the stache reigns supreme. Come Monday night, after our shave-off, 826michigan will be baby-face central.

Donate to the Mustache-a-Thon by supporting a grower on our STACHEBLOG!

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