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November 29, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Two days ago, seventeen young people came together in our writing lab and were thrust unwittingly into the often uncomfortable position of trying to please one Mr. Thaddeus Blotch. For those of you who have heard of Blotch, you already know he is crotchety, grumpy, and mean. He is also the head of Blotch Books. Everyone at 826 is employed by Blotch Books. Let’s just say he’s not easy to please.

Rich, our storyteller, hadn’t slept in days. He had been slaving, with his coworkers, over a novel about a unicorn. Let’s just say Blotch wasn’t a fan.

Blotch demanded original, unique stories. If we didn’t deliver, everyone would be fired. Our young accomplices, some of whom were heard to utter “But I don’t like to write!” on their way in, assured us that they were creative, talented writers, and that they could come up with something good enough to please even Blotch. Let’s just say we were skeptical, albeit hopeful.

It’s hard to say if it was all the coffee or just the unbridled enthusiasm of our young writers, but Rich essentially bounced off the walls for about two hours, and the end product of it was “The Adventures of Joe the Dragon and Zegwen the Talking Bologna.” Let’s just say it’s awesome.

Each writer finished his or her ending, but we reveal to you now the work of Sofie, Dashiell, Luke, Molly Rose, Espen, Walid, Teagan, Diego, Sumayya, Samantha, Sarah, Aidan, Keemya, Magdalena, Maximilian, Seema, and Ahmed. We apologize for the fact that you will be left with such an abrupt and awe inspiring cliffhanger of an ending. (Note: all conflicts were solved, and, from hugging to peace treaties, all stories ended happily.)

Many thanks to all of our talented writers, and of course our invaluable volunteers!

Click here to read “The Adventures of Joe the Dragon and Zegwen the Talking Bologna.”

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