NOVEMBER Student Writing Gallery

November 26, 2015 | 826 Blog Post

Each month, we feature EIGHT new pieces of student writing on the TWENTY-SIXTH of the month. (Get it?) This month, we are are featuring writing from our Liberty Street and Washington Street tutoring programs.

*Liberty Street and Washington Street Tutoring*

Tiffany M. Allen, Age 12
Hunter and Jack
Fortis Academy
Washington Street Tutoring

My creatures’ names are Hunter and Jack. Jack is an alien and Hunter is a werewolf. Jack isn’t like the other aliens. He is a very lonely person who likes to read up on math and physics. Hunter, on the hand, is the kind of wolf who likes to challenge and wrestle with animals. Another one of Hunter’s hobbies is to annoy his brother while he is studying. The only thing that Hunter dislikes is the fact that he has a brother who is different from him. And one of the things that Jack dislikes is that he has to be a big brother. Hunter is the most popular of everyone, while Jack doesn’t have any friends at all.

Karter Tamblyn, Age 9
The Girl’s Drawings
Ann Arbor Learning Community
Washington Street Tutoring

Once there lived a drawing. The drawing felt like the girl who owned him did not like him because he was just a drawing, after all. So one day he BLEW UP!!! And the girl made a new drawing but she didn’t love the drawing so it blew up, too. Her drawings kept on blowing up because she loved none of them, but then one day the girl’s friend told her to believe in herself and to love her drawings, in order to save her future drawings from blowing up. That’s what her friend did when her drawings were blowing up. The girl tried hard to really love her draws, and eventually they stopped blowing up. She told her children about the drawings that blew up, and her children told their children, who told their children, and so on.

Marcus Johnson, Age 12
Scarlett Middle School
Washington Street Tutoring

If I were a vampire, my name would be Countmathula. In my spare time I would suck the fun out of math students. My family life would be pure agony and torture. I was born in Pennsylvania. I’m not actually a vampire, I just have pale skin and fake fangs. My goals would be to make math as boring as possible.

Madhu Ahmed, Age 11
Robot 36420
King Elementary
Washington Street Tutoring

My invention would be a thinger-merjiger machine. I would make weird juices and sauces with it. The idea of my invention came from a man named Me. My invention would change the world because no one would have to experiment with food ever again. You put fruits in it and a perfect juice blend comes out.

Sona Conde
Liberty Street Tutoring

Ghosts are scary so
Do not run away from them
Only when you’re scared.
Happy Halloween.

Jason Li
Super Cool Object
Liberty Street Tutoring

This object looks really cool. It is complicated to make and I have no idea how to make it. It also looks like a bird. The wings are really big, too. Other objects in that bucket are not made of paper.

I would describe this object as “super cool” and say the big wings looks like a triangle. It also has two beaks and one of them is higher than the other. There is a triangular thing in the middle of the wings. I also would say it’s hard to make. Paper cranes could be different sizes.

The Flashlight
Liberty Street Tutoring

When I went underwater, my friend helped me see. He was a flashlight. The flashlight had a compass. He told me where the water was and told me where to go.

Crazy and Boom
Liberty Street Tutoring

My invention is called Crazy and Boom. I can wish for a hot tub and I will get it. I can go back to prehistoric times. Like, if I want to see George Washington or a dinosaur, I can because of my invention. My brain is bigger than Albert Einstein’s. Ten times bigger. I have the best invention. I went back to go see Washington. I told him to cut the apple tree. His dad came in running. He said, “George, why?” Then he saw me and said, “Who is this kid?”

George said, “He told me to cut it.”

His dad went to my house and I said, “Mom, I did not do it.” But I was lying. I got grounded because of George’s dad, but we are still best friends.


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