November Writing Gallery!

November 26, 2014 | 826 Blog Post

This year, we’ll be posting 8 new, exciting pieces of student writing on the 26th of the month (Get it?). Each month will be curated by our staff. Our aim is to give you an entertaining and fair sampling from our many programs.

* Workshops *

Leyla Williams
Age 9, Northside Elementary
Letters to Poets
“Six Ways to the Sky” in response to “Five Directions to My House”

Turn around, go to the end of the long bridge
Into the wave of clouds under the colorless arch
Under the heat of the center core.
Over the peregrine falcon flying fast as the race car
Out of the endless underwater cave
Around the wheel of fortune, around, around, around the wheel.
I said six, said six like a rainbow says seven.

Ingrid Ramos-Aranda
Age 8, Bennett Elementary
Wee-Bots Drop-in Writing in Detroit
“If I were Amos McGee…”

I will find carrots with the bunny. I will hang upside down with the bat. We were talking about Halloween. I will play hide and seek with the cub and hunters. I will play Who could jump the highest with the kangaroo. I will swim with the swan. I will climb with the cat. I will race the dog at digging holes the fastest. One day I overslept and the animals came to wake me up.

Alfonso Pasaye
Bennett Elementary
Wee-Bots Drop-in Writing in Detroit

Dear Books,

I like you because when I read you it gives me awesome ideas. The books make me want to draw fantastic ideas. When I draw I like to draw book scenes and characters. My favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck by Jeff Kenny. I like that book because it has little pictures and a lot of words and new words. In my school we take tests on the books we read to see how well we understand. Books are awesome because some are big and colorful. My second favorite book is Animorphs: The Visitor because it is about some kids that can become anything but if you become something for more than 2 hours you stay like that. That book is awesome and medium-sized. I like chapter books because they are long and help you relax before bedtime instead of playing video games or watching tv.

Your reader,
Alfonso P.

Miranda Pasque
Age 8, Bennett Elementary
Wee-Bots Drop-in Writing in Detroit
“The Wolf Ate Wolf Food”

I will play catch with the wolf. I would throw the ball high in the sky. And the wolf will go get it. And I will play tag and the wolf will find me. We went to eat pizza and the wolf ate wolf food. We went to my house and played more. We went to sleep and the wolf went to sleep in his house and I went to sleep in my house. In the morning we took a bath and ate pancakes and we went outside and I played with the wolf. The End.

Simone Perry
Age 11, Eberwhite Elementary
Liberty Street Drop-in Writing!
“Tree Poem”

The oldest tree living 3 or 4 thousand years old.
Some grow as high as a 40 story skyscraper.
Trees can be studied in every season, and they should be.
I think when trees are really old, they get gray and dry
and they slouch over a bit.
Trees are studied in fall, winter, spring, and summer.
I would study a tree in winter because
I would to see how they live how they stay warm.
How trees grow: I think the roots are pushing the tree trunk upward.

Mia Melendez
Age 7, Thurston Elementary
Wee-Bots Drop-in Writing on Liberty Street
“The Witch and The Halloween Tooth Fairy”

Once there was a witch who was tired of flying on her broomstick. She hated it because she always had to hold her broomstick. She wanted to steal stuff while she is flying. She wanted to steal things to keep them for herself. She was very selfish. The witch was a really tiny witch, the same size as the tooth fairy. One day in the early morning the witch was flying on her broomstick and she saw a butterfly. The butterfly’s wings reminded her of the Halloween tooth fairy. She wanted to steal the Halloween tooth fairy’s wings and not the butterfly’s because she didn’t like the pretty colors like purple and pink. She liked how the Halloween tooth fairy had Halloween colors on her wings like black and orange. One day the witch planned to steal the Halloween tooth fairy’s wings. She waited and waited in the same spot all day! Finally, it was the night time and as soon as the Halloween tooth fairy came the witch jumped on her and stole her wings! As soon as she got the wings she did a dance. The witch ran back to her family and told them about all the excitement. It turns out that the Halloween tooth fairy was hoping that someone would steal her wings because she was tired of her wings and she wanted a broomstick. The witch gave the Halloween tooth fairy her broomstick. And then the witch and the Halloween tooth fairy lived happily ever after! The End!

* Liberty Street Tutoring *

Medrick Simms
Age 8
Liberty Street Tutoring
“Pikachu’s Vacation”

I hate Pikachu because he is mean. And nice. If he got babysat, he would run away and be terrified and say, “Bye bye!” If he caught someone trying to get his money, he would say, “You can keep it.” He is too nice to be true! If he heard a song that he has not heard in a while, he would dance.

On a vacation, Pikachu fished in the lake, and he was so happy to go to a big lake and catch a big fish, and he told Ash to cook it at a camp fire, and the fish was golden, and it was a big, big, big fish!!! And they loved the big fish, and they were stuffed. They were so happy they caught the big fish, and they caught one more fish, but Ash was too stuffed. Then Pikachu really wanted to cook the fish, and Ash said he could, and he did, and he was exhausted. But he did not eat all of it.

Pikachu and Ash went to Little Caesar’s. It smelled like pepperoni pizza. Pikachu’s favorite pizza is pepperoni. They ordered a meat pizza, then they ate the meat pizza. They said it was delicious. Next, they went out of the place and went to a waterpark. Then they jumped into the pool. Pikachu went up the waterslide, and he raced down the slide and jumped in the pool. He was wet but . . . he did not like it. He loved it. They saw a hot pool. Ash and Pikachu raced to it and jumped in, and it was too hot. Ash raced out of the pool and turned it so it would not be so hot. Then he sat in the pool. Then it was time to go, so they got a towel and put dry clothing on and went home.

John Zhu
Age 9
Liberty Street Tutoring
“The Stinky Feet”

A person shouts, “Hold up!” Then the monsters, ghosts, and zombies start running. They run fast and look upset. It is all because of the “Hold up!” It is weird! The world’s smartest computer didn’t know they could run that fast (speed: 10,000,000 mph). This is too weird. What a weirdo. It is not ALWAYS good guys who can be movie stars. Bad guys can be movie stars too! A monster isn’t scared. HE IS TAKING VIDEOS! Because he is proud, he wants to show everyone the video. He likes telling secrets to people. He thinks that telling a secret is the best way to show people how amazing he is, and this time he wants to show how he is brave. Plus, he is very smart. He has twenty balloons, and when the bad guy comes, he will fly! Because he doesn’t have any horses or cars. Now, his smelly feet work. The bad guy smells the feet and turns green, but the monster shouts, “Whoops!” Because he smells his big smelly feet too! He has been called a horse because he is too smelly! Stop it! He’s stinky! Not good! Well, he smells better because he paints jelly every week. You should know he has a hard job. It is to write a letter to his parents every week about how his feet are. Remember, he is not a horse. Plus he will never eat jelly again, because he has to use it every week! Guess what he will do with it? I think you know. Maybe he can go to the PTA meeting and show people how to make their feet smell better. Everyone will say, “EWW . . .” when he shows them. Well, it is helpful too! It makes the bad guys stay away from him. This is weird. The weirdest. Well, maybe you can be his radar, and don’t let him walk to downtown, that will be stinky. Then there will be a stinky Halloween. You must know it is Halloween everyday in their colony. Well, it is getting stinky!

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