October 2006 – Scott David Herman

October 1, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Scott David Herman

Scott David Herman
It was well put by a former Volunteer of the Month, so we’ll start there. When we told Ryan that we were going to make the magnificent Scott David Herman our Volunteer of the Month for October, he said something like, “Dude, that guy is the Volunteer of Eternity.” We couldn’t agree more.

Some of our more “regular” volunteers may not be familiar with the name Scott David Herman, but he volunteers for us almost every day. He’s our webmaster extraordinaire. We get a lot of compliments on our website. We can email Scott with what feels like an outrageous demand, and that demand is generally met with one of two responses:

“Got it!”


“OK, done.”

We cannot express to you how much easier this man makes our lives, and what a pleasure he is to work with.

As for his background, we don’t know that much; we’ve never met him. He recently moved to Canada. He’s a newlywed. He has made a lot of cool websites. He has good taste in movies. And he’s very, very nice.

Thank you, Scott, for all you do for us! Your Amazon wish list cannot adequately convey our appreciation for your hard work.

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