October's Supporter of the Month is Lisa Waud of pot&box!

October 16, 2012 | 826 Blog Post

As anyone who has ever planned an event can tell you, it’s never a one-person job. Pulling off a successful event (at least for us at 826michigan!) always involves at least several handfuls of people who are talented, dedicated, and super generous with their time and talent.

In this regard we are incredibly lucky to know Lisa Waud of pot&box, an Ann Arbor-based business specializing in all things beautiful and plant-related. Lisa and pot&box have been on our team at multiple events, most notably at our recent fundraising dinner with Dave Eggers, also known as Sweater Weather, also known as the Autumn Orchard Picnic That We Ended Up Not Holding At An Orchard Because The Weather Was Too Awful For A Picnic.

At the last minute, we changed the venue for this event to the Ann Arbor Club, an astounding historical space in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor. With the help of Lisa’s wonderful aesthetic sense and the decorative materials she lent us (including actual dandelions and dozens of candles!), we transformed the Ann Arbor Club into an event space that could rival any orchard.

Here’s a bit more about Lisa, in her own words!

Can you tell us a little bit about how you got your start in the floral/decorating business?

One answer can be found in my standard online bio: Long-time-gardener-turned-florist, but the real answer is that I have always loved to throw parties.

With that, combined with being pretty bossy and extremely particular, I have found a living in beautifying events and everyday life with fresh flowers & living plants.

How did you hear about 826michigan and how did you first become involved?

I first visited 826 michigan in the early years on South State Street to donate an old dinosaur of a computer I wasn’t using anymore. When 826 settled in at Liberty Street, I took a weekly shift pushin’ robotics and informing curious visitors about what was happening behind the curtain with all the books and pencils and laughter. When pot & box needed 250% of my time, I gave up my shift and started assisting with robot store window displays and 826michigan event decor.

What’s your favorite (non-826michigan) thing about life in Southeast Michigan?

I am an über-proud michigander, and obsessed with supporting local businesses & creative makers that make our state great. I love eating & drinking, watching films, seeing art, catching bands, & snapping photos while I walk my dog. I spend a lot of time in detroit too, and am in the process of opening a second location there–where we can host more fabulous 826michigan events!

Lisa – we look forward to it! Thank you so much for all you have done for 826michigan. You make our town a beautiful place!

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