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Whoops, we're in between workshop seasons, check back soon for a listing of what we'll be offering in the coming months. In the meantime, here are some things you should know about signing up and participating in our wonderful workshop programs!

Greetings, workshop students and families! Our workshops are fun, engaging ways to explore different writing styles and genres. During the spring and summer of 2020, all 826michigan workshops will take place over distance and in virtual spaces. You can see our current offerings below!

Creative Writing Workshops with 826michigan

826michigan offers a wide range of writing workshops designed to foster creativity, strengthen writing skills, and provide students with a forum for executing creative projects they might not otherwise have the support to undertake. Workshops are structured around 826michigan’s core values of writing as a means to understand, to connect, and to use power to build a better world. All workshops are designed and taught by 826michigan staff, volunteer writers, artists, educators, and publishing professionals in our community, and can be adapted for various age-levels, group sizes, number of sessions, and length of sessions.

Workshops are offered via Zoom or Google Meet, and may be accompanied by a Google Classroom hub for the project. All workshops require families to complete an online registration (below!) and publication consent form.  


Summer Writers Club 

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Writers Club is a special and rewarding six session writing project. In this program, we create a supportive community of writers in a digital space, where students work with the same volunteer in small groups of writers each week. Volunteers connect with students as they write, edit, and publish their own stories about whatever is important to them, with topics ranging from the silly to the serious. Sessions will be conducted over Zoom, and participating students will receive a Writing Kit delivered to their home, containing resources for participating in the program.

Writers Club for Wee-bots Ages 6-8 Mondays: July 6-August 10, 4:00-4:45pm

Writers Club Ages 9+ Thursdays: July 9-August 13, 4:00-5:30pm

Comic Creators Club Ages 9-14 Tuesdays: July 7-August 11, 4:00-5:00pm

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Lunch Poems

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Through this workshop, students will have the opportunity to engage with 826michigan staff and volunteers around the delicious sounds and smells and tastes of poetry. The Lunch Poem project was inspired by poet Frank O’Hara’s series of everyday poems that can be composed (and celebrated!) on a lunch break. Each session begins with students reading a model poetry text, followed by conversation and an exercise in different poetic techniques (repetition, metaphor, and listing, for example). The project concludes with an opportunity for students to share their work aloud, with the option of a class publication. 

What is a lunch poem? Is a lunch poem less substantial than a dinner poem? The ideal dinner poem is heavy and leaves you craving nothing but a long sleep, whereas the lunch poem has a lightness & frivolity to it. It’s a short break that’s precious in its shortness. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s delightful. It’s great with friends! It’s more about getting together than the eating of the poem itself. It isn’t a pain to prepare; it isn’t steak. It’s low stakes, but it does wonders for your afternoon! 


Lunch Poems for Elementary Writers Ages: 7-11 Wednesdays: July 8 – August 12 1:15-2:15pm*

Lunch Poems for Elementary Writers Ages: 7-11 Thursdays: July 9 – August 13 1:15-2:15pm^ 

Lunch Poems for Middle & High School Writers  Ages: 12-18 Wednesdays: July 8 – August 12 2:30-3:30pm*

Lunch Poems for Middle & High School Writers Ages: 12-18 Thursdays: July 9 – August 13 2:30-3:30pm^


*Wednesdays we serve up a menu including poetry by Kwame Dawes, Adrienne Su, Li Young Li, and Frank O’Hara as we focus on the fundamental ingredients of the lunch kitchen.

^Thursdays we’re working with fresh specials currently being harvested from a garden of texts about hunger & justice, how activism & resistance are tied to food security, and which ingredients we find within and around us. Also, what flavor of ice-cream is your dog?

Please write to with any questions!


Writing for Wee-bots (Early Elementary Writers and Up!)

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Ages: 5-10 Wednesdays: July 8-August 12, 6-7pm

While our robot storefronts are closed, we’re excited to connect with our youngest writers online! Our time together will still be dedicated to the exploration of writing as a community. Each week we’ll read a book (over Zoom!) and practice one tool or approach to writing that the author uses in the story. All ability levels are invited to these fun, informal sessions where we play around with writing — from the physical act of actually writing to the creative ideas involved!

Contact with questions.


Write Now Writing Kits (Click to sign-up!)

Hard copy or digital writing kits covering a range of topics and writing projects, delivered to your family to write all summer long, anytime! 


YpsiWrites Writing Activities (Click to see the YDL website!)

Three writing activities a week that can be done anytime, anywhere! These activities accompany the Ypsilanti District Library’s summer learning themes of Garden-to-Table, Around the World, and STEAM. Check out for even more writing activities for writers of all ages!


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