Robot Art Fair: All Systems GO.

July 20, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

Everything is in place for our second annual Robot Art Fair! When you are out and about this Art Fair, be sure to stop by 826michigan and the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair between the hours of 12pm and 6pm. When you will do, you will find all manner of robot-themed artwork for sale, including:

  • Robot papercrafts!
  • Robot drawings of all sizes, including very tiny!
  • Robot cards!
  • Robot t-shirts!
  • Robot onesies!
  • Robot lamps!
  • Robot sculptures!
  • Robot paintings!
  • and more!

We’ve also got a number of robot-themed activities for the family. We’ve got robots to color, paper on which to draw robots (and how-to directions), robot story starters, robot writing exercises, and more! And help us write, collectively, about Rightbot’s adventures through the Ann Arbor Art Fair. We’ve got a forty-foot-long roll of paper just waiting for your brilliant ideas.

And if that wasn’t ENOUGH, we’ll also have free air conditioning (that’s right, it’s Art Fair, which means mid-nineties, 100 percent humidity all week) AND free bathroom use! Come for the Robot Art Fair, hang out for the free A/C and bathrooms, or come for the free A/C and bathrooms, stay for the Robot Art Fair, it doesn’t matter to us!

We’ll also be showcasing Spider, an industrial robot who’ll be featured in an upcoming window display. Get a sneak preview of all the amazing things he can do!

Robot Art Fair is free and runs Wednesday through Saturday from 12pm to 6pm. Twenty percent of all proceeds benefit the free student programs at 826michigan.

Note: We will NOT be running programs on-site during Art Fair! Drop-ins and workshops will continue as usual next week.

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