Robot Pirates MIGHT Be the Coolest Idea EVER.

October 2, 2008 | 826 Blog Post

Ahoy, mateys, and boop beep beep. Robots are not necessarily known for being into treasure, indeed, they have no concepts of “worldly goods,” as it were (unless you imbue them with the gift of sentience, now available at Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair in the form of Better Bot’s Postronic Brain). We couldn’t, however, resist encouraging people to sail the wild seas of Ann Arbor with the city-wide Treasure Hunt happening all this month. No, we can’t tell you what needs to be “captured” with your camera at LSRS&R, but if you come in, we’ll give you a clue and set you on your way.

More information? Try here. Hope to see you soon! Arrrrrrrrgh.

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