Ruby Tuesday: March's Volunteer of the Month is Vicky Henry!

March 1, 2014 | Volunteer of the Month

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Ruby Tuesday: March’s Volunteer of the Month is Vicky Henry!

If you’ve visited our robot store, the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair in downtown Ann Arbor, you may know that the desk is staffed by a rotating cast of friendly volunteers — an elite crew known as “Robotiers” (Robot-tee-YAY).

A Robotier is an ambassador for 826michigan, serving as the general public’s first encounter with the wacky world behind the red velvet curtain (not a metaphor — that’s what separates our store from our tutoring lab!). March Volunteer of the Month Vicky Henry is one of the many Robotiers who has held down the same shift for, literally, YEARS: Every Tuesday from 1-4pm, we can count on Vicky’s bright smile, product-building/envelope-stuffing/store-straightening abilities, and helpful attitude to show up at LSRS&R. We’re always happy to see Vicky! (It doesn’t hurt that she always brings us a bite of some exotic chocolate.)

As a retired Ann Arbor Public Schools teacher, Vicky truly understands and is able to articulate the importance of 826michigan’s work. She’s an excellent representative of our organization, not only as a Robotier but also as a longtime member of our Board of Directors and a gung-ho competitor in fundraising events like Trivia for Cheaters. She advocates for our programs and never ceases to bring us her great ideas about how we at 826michigan (and Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair) can make ourselves and our organization better.

There’s just no-one quite like Vicky Henry! We’re so grateful to Vicky for her many years of service to 826michigan and hope there will be many more. Thank you, Vicky! With you around, we are a better place.


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