September 2006 – Hollis Bentley Richardson

September 1, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Hollis Bentley Richardson

Hollis Bentley Richardson
We chose Hollis Bentley Richardson as our Volunteer of the Month for September largely because of her name. We thought it might bring us a certain amount of cache. Say it out loud. Hollis Bentley Richardson. It carries a certain amount of prestige, doesn’t it?

Some of you might see this choice and think something like: technically, her last day was August 15. Is it fair to crown someone Volunteer of the Month after she stops volunteering? Well, technically she’s still volunteering for us. She’s teaching a workshop later this month. So it’s a moot point, smartypants.

We had no idea back in May when Holly first came to us the power we were getting in such a pint-sized package. Here are some reasons why we chose her: You can trust her with anything; she’s super organized, focused, and hard working; she doesn’t mind doing the grunt work that no one else wants to do; she helped run drop-in tutoring; she helped out with Write ‘N’ Swim; she went to Greece and didn’t rub it in our faces, even though she easily could have; and she sounds so chipper on the phone you just want to hug her. She participates in duathlons (see picture). Also, it should be mentioned that she’s pocket-sized. We never tested this theory out, but we feel pretty certain that she would fit right in your pocket. Which means, of course, that she’s adorable. And, on top of that, she’s got great hair. And did we mention freckles? Those too.


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