September 2011 – Joe Malcoun

September 1, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

Joe Malcoun!

Joe Malcoun!

Allow us to introduce you to our newest Volunteer of the Month, Joe Malcoun. It’s the least we can do, as he has introduced US to scores of amazing people. More on that in a minute. Let’s start more generally. Then we can move into specifics.

We know it was recent, but it’s hard to remember exactly WHEN Joe joined our board of directors. He has so quickly made himself so indispensible to us that it already feels as though he’s always been around.

He’s present. That’s one thing we REALLY like about him. Even though he’s just our second-newest board member, he always seems to be around. He comes to events. He stops by to say hello. (And he is thorough in his hellos. We like that too. He doesn’t just come and say hello to Amanda. He says hello to the entire staff, and anyone else who’s around.)

And when he’s present, he’s making a difference. He joined our board strategic planning meetings and other board meetings with a fresh perspective and an amazing willingness to put in work and time and use his own resources to help us get ahead.

He’s into introductions. It may not surprise you to know, as he’s clearly such a genuinely friendly person, that he has introduced us to an already-countless number of new friends, volunteers, and supporters. His introductions to funders are already proving valuable. He knows so many people, in so many sectors, and has already put us in touch with some fascinating and important people. Talk about hitting the ground running!

Furthermore, he brought his entire department of coworkers at DTE Energy to 826michigan for a lunch and a get-to-know-us session, including a mini-tutor orientation. Because Joe applied for it, we received a small grant for employees of DTE who volunteer their time. We can’t wait to work with DTE staff as volunteers this fall!

You want to know something else about Joe? He loves talking about us. Any time we bump into one of Joe’s colleagues or friends or family, they inevitably give a genuine, “Oh! Joe’s told us so much about 826michigan!”

Finally, Joe helped us plan and execute a smashing birthday party on 8/26. He spent a period of time helping to greet people at the door, and it appeared as though more than half of the crowd had come at his invitation. We couldn’t have pulled off the event without all of his help, ideas, and invitations!

Joe! Thanks for doing so much for us in such a short time. We are continually amazed by your focus, dedication, and energy. Not to mention your charming personality. Thank you!

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