She Blinded Us With Science: November's Volunteer of the Month is Aneesha Badrinarayan!

November 1, 2013 | Volunteer of the Month

She Blinded Us With Science: November’s Volunteer of the Month is Aneesha Badrinarayan!

AneeshawithstarsNovember’s Volunteer of the Month, Aneesha Badrinarayan, is a true all-arounder. She has tutored at our lab in Ann Arbor, helped out with workshops and field trips, and even travelled last-minute to Detroit for our Family Writing Night when we sent out a sincere plea for volunteers.

That’s just the kind of person Aneesha is: when we need a hand, there she is. (Not with just her hand. But you see what we are saying.) As a volunteer, she is bright, friendly, kind, and up for anything. What’s more, she has a seemingly innate ability to break down complex concepts, from principles of physics to ekphrastic poems, in a way that is NEVER condescending and ALWAYS helpful and funny. (This reporter distinctly remembers Aneesha stepping in to lend a hand when a student was struggling with molecular geometry on a busy day at tutoring.)

There’s a reason Aneesha looks so natural in the lab coats we wear for our Life-Sized Poetry Board Game field trips. . .she is a bona-fide scientist and currently works at our fellow nonprofit, the Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum, designing creative outreach programs. We are so pleased that Aneesha lends us her time as a volunteer to participate in OUR programs. Who says you have to choose between being scientific and being creative? Aneesha is a fantastic example of someone who uses both sides of her brain, to great effect.

Aneesha, you are brilliant and kind! With you around, 826michigan is a better place.

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