Story Problems: A Prose & Poetry Workshop for Young Adults

September 2, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

Story Problems: A Prose & Poetry Workshop for Young Adults
Led by Robert Schuster
Ages: 13-18, 12 students
Wednesdays: September 21 to November 30, 6:30-8pm

Have you ever wanted somewhere you could go to give and receive feedback on a short story, novel, poem, or prose you had written? Have you ever needed encouragement or advice for overcoming writer’s block or experimenting with your writing? Have you ever wished people would treat your great American novel/sci-fi epic/Harry Potter fanfiction with the interest and respect you put into it? Do you just want to know if your jokes are as funny, your metaphors as evocative, and your stream-of-consciousness as . . . stream-y as you want them to be? If the answers to these questions are yes, maybe, or any other sort of affirmative, then this workshop was made just for you! Join our Young Adult writing workshop in its second full year and take part in all the exciting conversations, readings, publications, and the occasional rant on all things epic.

Robert Schuster is a graduate-school-hopeful, a writer, and a musician. He majored in English, Creative Writing, and Political Theory, with a minor in Talking About Books And Music Until Your Ears Fall Off. He loves Southern Gothic literature, the bass guitar, science fiction, death metal, the Secret of NIMH, and chocolate, but not necessarily in that order. Currently, he is working as an ACT instructor, at a desk job, and as a volunteer for Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair doing odd jobs and drop-in tutoring.

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