Sunny and Seventies, Perfect Sunday for a Run about Town!

October 4, 2011 | 826 Blog Post

It almost feels as though we’re in cahoots with the weatherman for this weekend’s forecast. Sunny and seventies, just the weather we’d hoped we’d have for the Big House Big Heart 5K on Sunday.

It MIGHT be too late for you to join Team 826 (Couch to 5K is more in the ten-weeks range, not the five-day one), BUT it’s not too late for you to support our runners! Not being “a runner” myself, I participated last year. It was hard work, and I feel like I earned every penny I raised. (Did I feel bad using the “excuse” of being seven months pregnant for not running this year? Not too bad.) Every dollar you pledge in support of Team 826 goes directly to our free student programs!

Meet Team 826!

  • You could donate to our incredible robot shop intern (for over a year!), the hilarious and clever Erin Dreps!
  • Look at this face. (Seriously, you should click the link to see her fundraising page. If it doesn’t make you laugh aloud at least once, you MAY NOT have a sense of humor.) 826michigan’s own Program Coordinator Catherine Calabro!
  • A woman who’s tutored, donated, and taught for 826 numerous times over the years, the lovely Jenn McKee!
  • Captain of Team 826 for as long as we can remember and a former tutor, the extraordinary Krysta Stone!
  • A HUGE 826 supporter AND someone I went to middle school with AND the reason we now have a beautiful mini-fridge, the amazing Leigh Wolf!

We are also so grateful to two new supporters in our midst:

Marti Gukeison & Rachana Patel!!

You can’t go wrong supporting any of these generous and supportive people. Have YOU run three miles lately? It’s not easy (for most people). Make it well worth their time and effort!

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