That Bright Thing on the Horizon is Not the Sun

April 21, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Many wonderful things have happened here at 826 during spring break.
For example, we’ve finished painting the dungeon, and we primed the
store (more on that soon). With no students, it’s been pretty quiet
around here, which has given me ample time to work on our Summer
Workshop Schedule.

SPOILER ALERT: The schedule will include workshops on no less than
eight of the following things: Senegalese storytelling, writing music
reviews, gluing babies to walls, blogging, bookmaking, creating a
country, scriptwriting, journalism, and writing political pieces. As
of this post, we will be offering sixteen workshops this summer, which
translates to three or four a week, so there will be many
opportunities to find your way through our door.

I could tell you when we’ll post it, but there are so many factors
upon which that information depends, that it would only be a guess.
And we can’t be glib in matters such as these, friends. Just know that
it is there, on the horizon, and check back soon.

Last summer, Erik blindfolded students as part of our “This Reminds Me Of…” workshop, which will be reprised this summer. I’d like to tell you what the students put their hands in after being blindfolded, but I don’t want to give anything away.

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