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November 6, 2015 | 826 Blog Post

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As stated on their website, the Detroit Creativity Project is a group of working actors, writers, directors, and musicians whose roots are in Detroit. They include writers, directors, Grammy award-winning artists, Second City alumni, and graduates of Wayne State University. With new roots planted in Los Angeles, the DCP has maintained a commitment to lifting rising artists in Detroit by investing in arts education for middle and high school aged students throughout the city. In June 2015, the DCP awarded 826michigan a grant in the amount of $7,500 to aid us in providing high-quality and creative writing workshops to students in Detroit. We are truly honored to receive such support to expand our services to Detroit’s young writers and we have designated the month of November as a time to celebrate the Detroit Creativity Project for their investment in our students.

826michigan takes an innovative and unique approach to teaching the art of writing and there are certainly parallels to our students’ testimonials and those of students from previous sessions of the DCP’s Improv Project. Alumni of the Detroit Creativity Project write:

“I have learned to attack projects head on even when they are difficult.”

“It really helped me to break out of my shell and learn a new talent that I’ll need and use in the future.”

and, “I opened up and now I don’t feel as scared to be myself.”

At 826michigan, we know how incredibly important it is for students to have safe and creative spaces to learn, make mistakes, and express their authentic selves. When caring and dedicated adults are there to guide students along their journeys, outcomes for young people are even greater. We truly appreciate the opportunity to partner with the Detroit Creativity Project this year and look forward to the many ways that they will continue to positively impact students’ lives in Detroit.

Thank you, DCP–you are our November 2015 Supporter of the Month!

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