The End is … Nearer.

April 24, 2007 | 826 Blog Post

Last night, we hosted the final night of our Mustache-A-Thon at Arbor Brewing Company. To say a good time was had by all would be, I think, an understatement. That said, you can still donate money to a stache until May 1. It’s not too late to be a part of this fun and hilarious event!

Congratulations to Joe Ziolkowski, who won the Most Lucrative Stache Award; Josh Fischel, who won the Silverstache Award; and Blake Swihart, who won the Li’l Money Maker Award. C Jason DePasquale nabbed the Mightiest Stache Award (although Most Creatively Trimmed might be more appropriate). Everyone went home with an award, and a trophy, complete with little mustaches! For more complete information, check out our S.T.A.C.H.E.B.L.O.G.

A million and one thousand billion thanks go out to Angi Stevens, who, with the help of her wonderful husband Kory, photographed all the madness and was awesome, in every way. Just as many thanks to Molly McFarland, who did all the design work! Arbor Brewing Company was generous enough to donate libations to our growers and provided a lovely space, so thanks to them too!

But elevently gazillion thanks go out to our courageous growers, who raised an astounding amount of money and grew an amazing amount of facial hair!

Joe’s Most Lucrative Stache
brought in over $700!

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