FridayFebruary 2012

(Seriously, what is it doing? If winter really does have a secret life, there must be some turmoil in it at the moment.)

Consider this video a winter-oriented group therapy session:


It features adorable wintry pictures, students reading their own (amazing AS USUAL) work, and lovely soothing music by the wonderful Frank Pahl. Here’s Program Coordinator Catherine to explain what brought about this 6:51 slice of seasonal delight:


Living in Michigan, we get to know winter pretty well. We know it’s the coldest and darkest season. It usually means snow, which is a good thing when there’s enough to ski, sled, snowshoe, snowboard, or build a snow fort or snowman or . . . [fill in your favorite winter activity here]. But what else do we know about winter? How well do we really know its sounds and colors and smells, the things that make winter the beautiful and mysterious season that it is?

826michigan students have completed a entire year of hikes in the Nichols Arboretum, exploring the sounds and smells of fall, spring, and winter. We’ve entered into our second year of this workshop series, led by the truly extraordinary Jane Hayes, Sarah Pinkelman, & Ami Walsh.

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make this workshop a success — our phenomenal students, volunteers, and Bob Grese and Linda Neely of Nicholas Arboretum, musician Frank Pahl, and the spectacular John Baird!


Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, settle in next to a wintry window, and enjoy.

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