The Staple: 826michigan Students Were Looping Before Anyone Even Knew What Looping WAS.

October 26, 2012 | 826 Blog Post

Friends, Halloween is on its way and it’s bringing a host of spooooOOOooooooOOOOOky things.

Like our Open House-Chapbook-Release-Party-With-Costumes! Happening Tuesday, October 30, at 6pm right here at 826michigan. Come out to celebrate the release of two new chapbooks, The Distance Between Two Sides of A Color and Really Really Melted Up. We’ll have costumes, snacks, and student readings — a Halloween experience not to be missed!

Our friends at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair would also like us to inform you that we will be participating in Main Street’s traditional Treat Parade on Wednesday, October 31, so bring out your costumed little ones and stop by for a robotic treat. We promise we will put only .001% of visitors to work in the robot mines.

And now, a little textual treat from 15-year-old Marcus A: “To My Past Self”.

Hi, this is you from three years later. My advice to you is have some money for candy. Save money for skinny Levis. Don’t fall in love. Keep my hair nice, because I miss it now. How are you doing?

“Have some money for candy” is always good advice in our book. Watch for the film adaptation, starring Ryan Gosling as young Samuel L. Jackson and Samuel L. Jackson as old Ryan Gosling, coming soon.

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