There’s a Million Stars in the Sky, and Almost as Many Things I Want to Tell You

November 2, 2005 | 826 Blog Post

I handed off the fundraiser wrap-up to John. I was afraid of what might happen if I tried to write it. (I did, after all, start crying at the event, on stage, in front of everyone. What can I say? I got choked up.) I do have a list of things that—with any luck—will not make me cry, from happiness or otherwise.

  • Do you want to help Lemony Snicket finish a story? Join us for the Six-City Noisy Outlaws Extravaganza! This is an 826-wide (San Francisco, NYC, LA, Chicago, Seattle, and us) workshop which will take place on Saturday, November 12 at 4. Hosted by local writer Steven Gillis, participants will work together to finish Lemony’s story while he presides over the event via satellite.
  • Poetry Night in Ann Arbor V! Difficult to quantify, but I’m quite certain this is one of the coolest things we’ll do this year. We’re partnering up with the Neutral Zone, Washenaw Literacy, and the Ann Arbor Book Festival to make this event a raging success.

Details forthcoming, but for now, pull out your planner. No, it’s fine, we’ll wait. Did you check your bag? When did you have it last? Oh, there we go. Good. In big, bold letters, write “Poetry Night in Ann Arbor V, Rackham Auditorium, 7pm,” on the night of Thursday, December 8.

Featured performers will be Roger Bonair-Agard, 1999 National Poetry Slam Champion; Patrick Rosal, author of Uprock, Headspin, Scramble and Dive; VOLUME Youth Poets; Ann Arbor Wordworks; and community poets. Tickets are $5 for students, $10 for general public ($4/$8 in advance).

  • Barnes & Noble wants to give us money, and you can help! We’re fairly certain you were going to give books as gifts this holiday season anyway, so listen to this. We’ve teamed up with B&N in Ann Arbor on Saturday, December 17 for a voucher day!

What does that mean, you ask? Well, it’s a two parter. Part one, if you buy books at B&N on 12/17, and have a special coupon in hand, we get a portion of the sale. (To get a coupon, stop in to 826 or e-mail me at Part two, we’ll be teaching a bookmaking workshop at B&N that afternoon. Come for the workshop—it’s all ages—and while you’re there, do some shopping, and, you know, luxuriate in the happy feeling of supporting literacy through creativity, and creativity through literacy.

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