WednesdayOctober 2006

If you enjoy laughing at people, if you get a kick out of people publicly displaying their inability to do something, come on down to Shaman Drum Friday night at 7pm for their annual spelling bee. I can’t say that you’ll be laughing at everyone, but I can say that the 826michigan team (comprised of myself, Ryan, and Amanda) is not what you would call seasoned spellers. For example, Amanda got kicked out of a spelling bee in fourth grade for leaving the n out of “autumn.” The last time I got kicked out of a spelling bee, it was for the word “chamois,” which, I feel, is a tricky word. Nevertheless, I’m not, you know, good at spelling. I’m not certain about Ryan. He’s one of those people who’s good at everything, so maybe he can carry us. We’ll be competing against the Neutral Zone and a yet-to-be-determined team. (Hopefully a classroom of kindergartners. Lucky for us, the library’s team had to drop out: phew!) Oh dear, I just spell-checked this blog and misspelled three words. Hope to see you there!

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