Things We MIGHT Be Doing on Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons

June 22, 2007 | 826 Blog Post

Looking for a way to flex your writing muscles? Need a little pick-me-up mid-afternoon? Growing weary of Oprah reruns?

Join us here in our writing lab every Tuesday and Thursday between 4-5:30pm for Drop-In Writing time, where writers of all ages, abilities, and interests come together. What do we do behind those closed doors? We can’t tell you too much, but we can tell you a little about what we might do, I guess. We might do writing exercises. For example, we might warm up with an exquisite corpse. We might write a good first sentence on one piece of paper, and a good last sentence on another, and we might put them into piles, and randomly pick one piece of paper from each pile, and write the story that links them. We might make a list of things that are disgusting and write a story from the point of view of someone who truly loves one of the things on the list. We might be napping under tables and telling people we’re writing. I guess you’ll just have to come see for yourself.

Drop-In Writing time, as its name suggests, does not need to be registered for; come when you can, and stay as long as you like. Hope to see you there!

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