V2 Release: Or, I Heard A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, So Here's a Million or So Words About Last Night.

May 22, 2007 | 826 Blog Post

Last night was the release party for our newest student publication, Vacansopapurosophobia 2: Fear of a Blank Page. The book, which is really quite lovely, looks like this:

Fig. 1: Doesn’t
Angi Stevens
take beautifully
arty pictures?

A lot of people came to the event. As in, somewhere around two hundred and fifty. We had a lot of chairs, but there weren’t enough. We made what we thought were too many programs, but there weren’t enough. We had a lot of cookies, but there weren’t enough. No one seemed to mind.

Fig. 2: There wasn’t a camera big enough to
get the whole crowd, but here’s part of it.

Our marvelous editorial staff dressed in black and white as an homage to the journal. Kerry, Carli, Harper, and Maggie have spent the last year putting this publication together, and the excitement in the room was the best payoff ever. Maggie emceed the event.

Fig. 3: When Maggie stood next to Amy, who was wearing a horizonally striped shirt, some people almost passed out. Others swore they could see the exact location of the Bermuda Triangle.

We also had a fabulous cellist, Kaylan Mitchell, who provided background music in the way of the Beatles, Bach, Gnarls Barkley, and Talking Heads.

Fig. 4:
Ever hear
“Psycho Killer”
on cello?

The highlight of the evening, of course, was the wonderful and astounding readings. Emmet added a surprising and sad epilogue to his story about pet hamsters. Evelyn gave a shout out to Jeff Kass, and we were totally with her on that one. Leilani delivered the editors’ favorite line in the journal: “I rang the doorbell with my shoulder, because my arms were full of sadness.” Jack amazed the crowd with his story of “lions, who are super.”

Fig. 5: James, Emmet, Jenni, Shaquice, Isabella, Jack, Eva, Evelyn, Brandy, Leilani, and Jack expertly showcased the amazing work in the journal.

And so, now, a huge list of thank yous. Thank you, first of all, to our dedicated editors! You guys inspired us all so much this year. Thanks to Angi Stevens, the official 826 photographer, for taking such wonderful pictures. Thanks to all the parents and teachers who came out last night to support this project. And thanks, most of all, to the sixty-six students, now published authors, whose stories and poems have entertained and enlightened us throughout the course of this project.

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