We Have Big Hearts…Do You?

August 9, 2007 | 826 Blog Post

While it is the opinion of this writer that the only reason to run is if you’re being chased (and then it’s better to have a car), I will admit that running is a noble pursuit. It’s especially noble, as are many things, when done for the betterment of society. Case in point: the Big House Big Heart 5K Run. Here’s how it works: a portion of the entry fee for each runner is donated to Mott Children’s Hospital. Then, each runner picks the charity of his or her choice, and raises donations for that organization.

Team 826 is headed up by Team Captain Mary Roderique, a longtime 826michigan workshop leader and—more importantly—“mother” to Colby, 826’s unofficial dog-mascot. She will be joined by staff member Erin Bennett, board member Angela DeSmet, and volunteers Catherine Fan, Franco Muzzio, and Krysta Stone. (If you’re interested in participating, email Amy.)

I know what you’re thinking: This sounds amazing; how can I help? It’s easy! Donate to one of our runners by clicking the blinking banner at the top of our homepage. All donations are 100 percent tax deductible and benefit free student programming at 826michigan! You can also send checks via snail mail. The Big House Big Heart 5K Run happens Sunday, September 30 at the University of Michigan Football Stadium.

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