7/12 Workshops! They're Awesome!

July 27, 2007 | 826 Blog Post

We’ve had a lot of great workshops this summer. Don’t we always? I mean, really, what else is new? And this blog is by no means meant to imply that the summer workshops are over. Indeed, we have many fine workshops still to come. And, as with many workshop schedules, we’ve got a fine balance of tried-and-true tested workshops and new ones that we’re testing out.

Studies show that both types of workshops are inventive, fun, and highly motivational. Here is a peek at what our newest workshops have stirred up:

Our Pocket Shrine Tales workshop has just launched! Who knew that Altoid boxes could be transformed into treasures for inspiring stories and haikus? This is what kids at this workshop look like:

Our Disposed Toward the Dark: Horror Writing workshop is brand new. This is what kids at this workshop look like:

Sure, the DTD students look a little freaked out, but it’s about writing scary stuff, so that’s what we’re going for, okay?

What do you think of our workshops? Let us know! We always love feedback. And if there’s a workshop you’re particularly fond of, be sure to tell us and we’ll try to offer it again.

The fall workshop schedule (can you believe it’s just around the corner?) will be released when school starts back up! We can’t wait!

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