Week One Wrap Up

March 27, 2007 | 826 Blog Post

First things first: I just looked at the photos from last night, and our growers are cute! I mean it. Some might even say handsome! Click on the sassy mustache link to our stacheblog (below Upcoming Events) and see for yourself! The stacheblog, in addition to having week-to-week photos of our mustache farmers, will also feature hilarious commentary on our weekly grow-ins. Donating to your favorite mustache (most handsome, most hunky, best effort…vote however you like) is just a click away on the stacheblog!

Last night, I got to shave two (yes, two) mustaches off. If that doesn’t qualify as a successful night, I don’t know what does!

Thanks to: Arbor Brewing Company! 826Seattle for this hilarious idea! Huron High teachers for coming out en masse! The one-and-only Scott David Herman, who not only saved the day, he also saved the day!

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