826 is Proud to Present: Our First Troupe of Playwrights!

April 6, 2006 | 826 Blog Post

Join us at Performance Network, 120 E Huron St, this Saturday, April
8, at 2:30 in the afternoon, to witness the astounding outcome of
“Which Came First: The Play, or Lights, Camera, Action?”, our first
playwriting workshop. These students have spent the last two months
working on their plays: conceptualizing, writing, designing, painting
scenery, and generally wreaking havoc in the halls here on Monday

Reasons You Should Go:

  1. It feels good to support creativity in young people.
  2. The plays are going to be pretty spectacular.
  3. Erin’s going to make something called “brownie cupcakes.”

Disclaimer: I’m not sure about #3, but Erin mentioned it, and I
thought if I put it on the World Wide Web (that’s right, Erin,
world wide!), it might be more likely to come to fruition. Truth
be told, I came up with the whole “Reasons” section just to sneak that
in there.

Have you looked outside today? It’s gorgeous. (What a world
we’re living in.) Hope to see you Saturday!

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