A Smash Hit at Crazy Wisdom

September 15, 2005 | 826 Blog Post

I probably don’t need to mention this, but Amy and Steve and I were a
smash hit last night when we read fiction and nonfiction at Crazy Wisdom.
I needn’t mention it because you were probably there. And if you were
there, there is no way you would miss the next one. So, moving on…

I am terribly excited for tutoring to begin on Monday. One student
already showed up, eager to receive one-on-one tutoring attention. He was
almost a week early. I appreciate this sort of enthusiasm. Wow, man.
Tutoring. Ain’t no trip to Cleveland.

The countdown to our fall fundraiser, The Monsters’ Ball, has begun. We
cannot pull it off without you. Let us know if you can help out with
preparation (baking, making/procuring monstrous costumes, brainstorming
fun things to do at the event, putting together goodie bags, getting
sponsors, putting together a short video about 826, etc.). Also, we will
need a small army of folks to help run the event. We’re moving this bad
boy to the front burner, so keep October 29 open.

You’ve seen the Fall Workshop Schedule, yes? For those of you who want to
tutor, but have problems with scheduling, you should consider helping out
at the workshops. They usually take place in the evenings or on weekends,
and they are so fun you will want to wear your shoes as a hat. How? Oh,
you’ll find a way.

In case you’re wondering what we had for lunch today, Amy and Erin had
spicy broccoli and garlic. I had lo mein. Andrew devoured two P.B.&J.s
with his eyes. Amazing. I only mention this because a volunteer, Paddy,
was curious about our daily routine. Paddy, the jelly was concord grape.

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