A Trio of Tremendous Treasure: Literati Coffee, Spencer, and Lucky's Market

July 7, 2017 | 826 Blog Post

826michigan serves thousands of students across the region. Last year, we reached nearly 4,000 young writers in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Detroit—before the Detroit Robot Factory even opened. Having now completed five months of full-time service across TWO 826michigan centers—–Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair and the Detroit Robot Factory—–it feels safe to assume that hundreds more students have benefited from our programming this year, with many more to come.

Importantly though, 826michigan does not make such wide-reaching impact by ourselves. There are hundreds of volunteers who work alongside our students, so many donors who give generously to ensure that our programs remain free for every student and teacher who experiences them, and some fabulous community partners that help introduce 826michigan and our work to friends we may not have met without their support.

826michigan water bottle at Literati Coffee. Designed by Natalie Marion.

This month, we celebrate three of those fantastic community partners. They also happen to be outstanding Ann Arbor-based businesses. Literati Bookstore sells a number of our student titles, often providing prime display space for the books. Incredibly, the support doesn’t just end there. Most recently, Literati Coffee worked with our staff and the incredible illustrator/graphic designer Natalie Marion to create custom water bottles to sell in their bookstore coffeeshop. 100 entire percent of the profits from these water sales will go to 826michigan! You can even go buy a bottle at this very moment. Outstanding, right?

lunch at spencer


Now consider our next door neighbor, Spencer. It’s a fantastic restaurant worth writing about even if they didn’t dream up ways to also help our students. Still, just a couple of months ago, they donated all wine profits from a pretty awesome wine tasting event to our work and programs! It was a delicious evening, all for the benefit of our students. And the cheeses—superb!


Lucky's Market Logo

Finally—but certainly not least–—Lucky’s Market spent the FIRST FIVE MONTHS OF 2017 encouraging their shoppers to donate to us at every aisle in their checkout. It’s a super cool honor we shared with two other fabulous nonprofits. Most incredibly, the opportunity is one that Lucky’s Market imagined first. The store even had regional staff from as far as Ohio come in to visit LSRS&R to better understand our work, our students, and how Lucky’s Market can continue to invest in our 826michigan community. What additional terrific reasons to shop in an already great store!

We are so fortunate to reach students in three different, amazing, Michigan cities where the businesses that surround our spaces and students are just as awesome as the families we serve. Thank you, Literati Bookstore, Spencer, and Lucky’s Market for being such enthusiastic partners in our work. We are thrilled to honor you each as our July 2017 Supporters of the Month!

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